Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Becoming someone’s personal punching bag and constantly being called inappropriate names is not something that is ideal, especially in high school. Bullying is a very well known issue around the world, but not everyone is willing to put the effort into solving the problem. There are many different ways of bullying, in several grade levels, workplaces, online, and much more but today’s main focus is in high school. Although, not all things you do, can stop it. To end bullying, everyone needs to come together as a community, to get their word out and make the bullies realize what they are doing. Although there are hundreds of methods to address bullying in high schools, the best solution includes a community effort that incorporates knowing when someone is being bullied, creating an identity safe climate where all people are respected, and encouraging people to be an upstander. High school is where everyone is now discovering…show more content…
It leads to many negative outcomes. Bullying is not good in any form. Bullying behavior is an immoral action because it is an act of humiliating and oppressing people. The so called morality in bullying is viewed by how a person is able to comprehend a moral and transgressive act. A high school student is at the age and should have the knowledge where they can realize they are bullying and all the other immoral acts they achieve. People who have turned into bullies seem to value their behavior. They value that they seem to be superior to others because they are more violent, bigger, and stronger. “In most high schools, a lot of the students that experience bullying are the students who go out for sports but are not good at the sports they go out for so they get bullied for not reaching the expectations of others”(Live Science). Bullying is a very cruel act, and people need to come together to attempt ending the negative impact bullying has on
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