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“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (Holy)." The word Sabbath is derived from the Hebrew word meaning to rest. On the first day, God created the heavens and the earth. Each day, something new was created which culminated with the sixth day when he created all creatures that live on dry land: this includes the creation of man. Afterwards, God declared his work to be good and decided to rest on the seventh day. This seventh day, known as the Sabbath Day, represents God's day of rest. The reason people celebrated this day was because it represented a covenant between God and his people. According to Jesus, the Sabbath Day was created for our own interest. On this day, we redirect our thoughts and actions towards God. A common misconception …show more content…

According to the Jewish Talmud, the observance of the Sabbath is equal to all of the commandments combined. The Sabbath allows the Jewish people to rest or to cease. God desires that his creations should rest at least one day out of the week; this special day is to be celebrated by not performing any acts that would be considered work. For the Jewish people, the Sabbath begins from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown (The Sabbath). During this period of time, Jews are commanded to avoid working or doing anything that would be considered working. For example, Jews are not even allowed to push the elevator button since that action is deemed as work. The commandments, or mitzvot, reiterate the importance of rest from when God created the world. The Sabbath is a day in which Jews are commanded to observe and remember the creation story. The purpose of the Sabbath is to appreciate the contribution a person makes when he works. By stopping for 25 hours every week, people are able to reflect upon what we take for granted everyday. Everyday activities that we take for granted could be having air conditioning, running water, having food on the table everyday, …show more content…

The Seventh day Adventists, for example, continue to worship on the seventh day. Their argument is that the Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments; therefore, it is a part of God's will. According to them, the shift to Sunday resulted from the infiltration of pagan ideas. Other Christian groups counter that argument by stating that Sunday is the Christian form of the Sabbath. These Christians argue that the purpose of God's command to observe the Sabbath centered on the idea of dedication to the Lord. Because Jesus is the Son of God, he had the privilege to change the Sabbath to a different day. This side claims that Jesus switched the days as a way to extend the blessings from the Jews and to spread the blessings to the rest of the world. Others, however, argue that Christians do not observe the Jewish Sabbath, instead Christians worship on Sunday. Apparently, the early church would gather on Sunday to commemorate Jesus' resurrection. Unfortunately, there is not a passage in the scriptures that explains why the Sabbath was moved from Saturday to Sunday. Based on our little evidence, it seems plausible that the shift occurred gradually overtime. The church probably changed from a traditional Jewish style to more of a Gentile style. The early church fathers the viewed Sabbath as a Jewish custom while they viewed Sunday as a Christian practice. All in all, I'd does not matter which day is

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sabbath is derived from the hebrew word meaning to rest. the seventh day represents god's covenant with his people.
  • Explains that the sabbath allows the jewish people to rest or cease. god desires that his creations should rest at least one day out of the week.
  • Explains that each christian denomination differs on which day we should worship the sabbath. they argue that the shift to sunday resulted from the infiltration of pagan ideas.
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