The Negative Effects of Marine Pollution

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The perpetrators of the ocean are not aware of the negative impact they are having on the ocean and the marine life that inhabits it. Marine pollution is the cause of materials entering the ocean and harming the marine life as well as the water. Marine pollution has been going on since the beginning of time. As time has gone by the problem has been helped by many organizations and federal governments taking action with this cause by adding laws to try and protect the oceans from many harms. Most people are just now realizing how bad the situation is and are taking little yet not enough effort to help the situation.
The history of Marine Pollution goes way back to the early human life but the most of it took place in the 1900’s to this present day. Till the early 1970’s it was acceptable to throw all your trash in the ocean. Many of the things thrown in the water were anything from toxics, chemical weaponry, radioactive waste, plastic to even pesticides. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s when governments worldwide had a conference to talk about controlling the dumping of substances in the ocean yet it wasn’t until 1996 when people took a major step in the regulation of ocean dumping. In the 1970’s 17 million tons of industrial waste had been dumped in the ocean the number reduced the following decade to 8 million tons (Marine Bio). People find it easier to dump their junk in the ocean because it was far more cheaper than disposing it properly.
Oil, fertilizers, debris, radioactive waste, sewage disposals, underwater noise pollution and toxic chemicals are all thing that are found in the ocean and cause pollution. Most of these thing gets to our oceans from deliberate dumping and run-offs. The amount of waste that is in the ocean to...

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...s on and we don’t do anything to help it. This problem has gone way back to centuries and we are just now trying to do something about it when we should’ve cared a long time ago. The situation is trying to be solved but since so much has already been done it’s very hard to see change in the ocean especially if we are not taking our part in helping it. Of course, not all people have the same attitude about the issue some people actually care and realize all the harm that is happening in our present day society. Many people have done big thing to help it but this issue is something that the whole globe should take a part in.

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