The Negative Effects Of Waste In The Waste Of The Oceans

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Imagine you are on vacation on a cruise and having a great time and you look around and you see the ocean is covered with waste. According to there are patches of waste present in the middle of the oceans. The depths that can accommodate heights, double as Mount Everest. According to if we do not act immediately, it is going to affect our environment, we are going to experience extreme climate. There would be no clear distribution of the seasons. Deforestation leads to lack of oxygen in the environment, leading to no production of oxygen finally leading to extension of many species. Refusing to recycle the waste materials would poison the food and water we use, leading to our death. We will be the cause…show more content…
Pollution is the main product of waste constantly being created. They are many negative effects of not recycling, ranging from environment to economy. Firstly, the pollution of the environment is due to improper disposal of waste. Wastes materials are improperly disposed into rivers, leading to pollution. Some countries do not have the advanced technology to treat large amounts of water before letting it back in the river leading to water pollution. It has negative effects on the economy because certain items are expensive to create compared to their cost of being recycled. Therefore, it will be less expensive to recycle. Without recycling, the world will be full of waste. Apart from that, there will be depletion of important materials because it is constantly used to produce new materials instead of using recycled materials. Furthermore, global warming will become even serious, especially when trees are being harvested for production of papers, causing the air temperature to rise. Refusing to recycle just does not affect the humans, but also the animals in many…show more content…
Many times the countries dump the waste in the ocean, causing an imbalance in the aquatic life. They have been reports from ocean lifeguards that due to the dumping of the waste materials in the ocean causes an increase in irritation among the marine animals. Life guards have also reported that they have lost many spies of fish due to the change in their habitat and also the poisonous liquids seeping and mixing with the ocean water polluting the water. The duping of waste materials in the ocean has created small island of waste in the middle of the oceans turning the beautiful ocean into a poison’s body of water. While dumping the waste materials on the ground can pollute the ground and lead to ground poisoning. Ground poisoning occurs when the ground is regularly in contact with poison’s materials, leading to the ground water being polluted and the land losing its fertility causing a great damage to the economy. When the land is less fertile there is no vegetation leading to droughts and the deaths of many animals. Due to lack of recycling many grounds have been made into dumping grounds, prior to that it was a natural habitat for many animals. Because of this many animal species migrated from their home to other places, causing a natural imbalance in the ecosystem. The way you can solve these problems are not very hard and you do not have to go out of the way to solve
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