The Negative Effects Of Organ Donation

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Donating means giving back to society in the form of money, necessities, or valuables. When giving a donation, people do not expect anything in return besides the joy of helping others. Therefore, why should organ donation be any different? Many people believe compensation should be given for donating organs. However, paying people to donate organs may diminish self-worth, expose transplant recipients to risks, increase the overall cost of transplantation, along with many more negative effects. Many people donate organs because the act of donation “feels like the right thing to do.” Donors do not feel as though as they should receive anything in return; the joy of saving someone’s life is a gift in the eyes of the donors. By offering donors…show more content…
What can be done to reduce the amount risks for the recipient? According to Eric Posner, “If poor people really can’t be trusted to make good decisions on their own behalf, then a simple solution is to ban poor people from selling their kidneys while allowing everyone else to do so” (303). However, this solution is nowhere near effective. If “poor people” were to be banned from selling their organs, where would the line be drawn to separate the rich and the poor? While some people may not be incredibly wealthy, they may not be incredibly poor either. Therefore, the difficulty lies in where this line would be drawn. Compensating donors for their organs is meant to help increase the amount of organs available and decrease the recipients waiting time. However, banning “poor people” from donating their organs is not going to complete either of the previously mentioned goals. Instead, the compensation would make transplantation more expensive and less affordable for the…show more content…
During the time of death, families would be faced with the challenge of paying for the funeral. An easy option for family members during this time is, indeed, donating the organs of their deceased family member in order to receive compensation. This option seems entirely logical; however, the most important person in this scenario is the one lying in the hospital

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