What Is Organ Donation?

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The up-to-date medical advancement has come a long way, including making it possible for donating one’s major organs, blood, and tissues to desperate individuals needing them to sustain life. Organ donation still has problems even with the modern technology and breakthroughs. The majority of individuals need to comprehend to have a successful organ transplant it is essential to have active individuals that are willing to donate their organs. Typically, most individuals or family that consent to donate their precious organ 's desire life to continue. Their intentions are when one life is gone there is hope for another life to continue. Health care is experiencing a shortage in organ donation and the people that desperately need these organs…show more content…
One of the utmost common myths about organ donation is that most individuals believe if they become registered donors, physicians will easily not try their best in saving their precious life and declare them dead early for the intent of obtaining one’s organs (Hyde, Wihardjo, & White, 2012). Generally, myths like this one that withheld most individuals to become donors themselves and as a result people in need of organ is taking a toll in meeting their demand. Another, dilemma is the majority of people don’t make proper arrangements on what to do with their organs once they expire (Forbes, 2007). In general, people forget to make the necessary arrangements once they passed away, and as a result, there is less donors to contribute their much needed organs. It is essential for the community to spread great awareness to address individuals with concerns that they may still have about organ donation. The effect of awareness addresses the public concerns which lead to an increasing number of organ donations that are desperately needed in the community. Even with the awareness individuals might still be reluctant, but being an organ donor is more than just donating organs, individuals can start with donating blood and tissue. Most people feel comfortable in this area, but studies have shown that individuals who donate blood and tissue are likely…show more content…
There are many good reasons to give back to the community, but with the shortage of lifesaving organs being an organ donor is a perfectly good reason to assist someone in desperate need of a miracle. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that 119,000 individuals are on the waiting list for a transplant, plus every ten minutes some is added to that very same list. As a result, 22 people die each day waiting for their transplant (2015). These statistics are a huge number to take into account. People waiting helplessly for a miracle to happen, and most individuals basically need to do is take action in becoming an organ donor. Individuals also have to take a look at the criteria to even be on the waiting list. People would have to be in the end stage organ failure and have seen a transplant surgeon to be even considered. Here in the United States the system they use is for one to be even considered if by the urgency of the need, their blood type, how long on the waiting list, and the best match (Clemmons, 2009). No wonder there is such a need of donors because not only they have to address the shortage of organs, but as well oneself would have to meet these criteria. People must not get discouraged in donating their precious organs, they should also come together as a community and bring awareness of the demand of organ donors needed to address these issues. The more
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