The Negative Effects Of International Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a worldwide social problem that has been going on for centuries and needs to soon come to an end for the good of the people. “Human Trafficking is the trade of human beings for the purpose of exploitation, typically in the form of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor” (Androff 111). In order for some of the victims to get a higher income, they have to comply to both do and go through things that are not an advantage for them. For this reason, human trafficking is known to include some of the following physical abuse, starvation, forced to work as prostitutes, or to take grueling jobs, for little or no pay just like slaves.
Human trafficking is an intricate circumstance that “has recently emerged as an international
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The victims are emotionally different because instead of living the life the owners told them they were going to live, they have to work on things they have never done before. “Although the physical health consequences of trafficking are substantial, the mental health needs are likely to be even more profound due to the intense psychological damage inflicted by traffickers on victims who are often extremely vulnerable” (Zimmerman et al.115). “The critical role that medical staffs, psychologists, and social workers play in helping survivors move toward psychological wellness” can help improve the lives of those that are suffering (Hodge…show more content…
Manuel would have to pay” for the expense of moving from South America “to the United States” (Examples n.p.). “He was forced by armed men to walk for hours” while also “being drugged” (Examples n.p.). “After crossing the border, he was kept in an apartment with” over one hundred more people (Examples n.p.). “The apartment was dirty, rat-infested, and guarded by armed men” (Examples n.p.). He was unable to pay the smuggling fees, so he was kept in the apartment for a longer period of time. While in the apartment, “he was forced to cook and clean for the others but without any compensation” (Examples n.p.). “He was repeatedly threatened, including being told that he would be killed and was witness to acts of sexual violence” (Examples n.p.). Manuel and a few other men tried to help out a woman who was being raped, and then got in trouble and were forced to move from the apartment one by one. None of the men that left ever returned. He thought he was going to be “killed, but instead” he was “severely beaten and thrown off a moving van” (Examples n.p.). “As he was running he saw a police car and” went towards it (Examples n.p.). “The police took him to hospital for his injuries where he was referred to a service provider” (Examples n.p.). “He cooperated with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement to try

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