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Speech on Human Trafficking I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Imagine going on a trip to a foreign country and you do not know anyone and you know little to none of their language. When you arrive at the airport and you see a man standing there holding a sign with your name on it. You decide he seems friendly enough to go with him because you do not know anyone at this point and will be lucky to find your way out of the airport. You reach the parking lot and all of a sudden there is an intense pain in your head and you blackout. B. Relevance Statement: A similar scenario happened to Shandra who arrived in New York City from Indonesia. She had gone through a process to get a job at a large hotel in Chicago, but was that ever really the case? …show more content…

This documentary shows that the abducted children are trained to become killers some escape and live their whole lives in constant fear. Others are no longer fazed by the violence and killing. b. Most continue to live their lives enslaved with no education and know nothing besides guerilla warfare. 4. What is being done to prevent it? a. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center has made an effort between the Departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security created the Human Smuggling and Trafficking center to centralize information. b. The Labor Bureau of International Labor report forced labor, child labor and human trafficking. They also provide funds to put an end too international trafficking. TRANSITION STATEMENT: Overall we have seen 3 types of human trafficking, sex, organ and labor. We see that is common in many underprivileged countries but also seen here in America as well. Awareness is key to putting an end to the abuse of human rights but will we ever see the end? III. Conclusion A. Summary: We see that there are many different aspects and types of human trafficking that everyone should be made aware of. As a whole human trafficking is a lucrative industry raking in $150 BILLION globally. The impact that this industry has on its victims is

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