Human Trafficking Essay

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Forrest Bounds Mrs. Karhliker World Literature 13 march 2014 Title Lies, deceit, and abductions; human trafficking victims face either some or both of these methods to steal these men and women away from the lives they have built. Human trafficking is a plague afflicting most modern societies; men, women and children are trafficked for sex slavery and cheap labor against their wills. Often times Children are taken or lured from their homes and men a blackmailed into slave labor for little or nothing. Women and children are trafficked for sexual uses, mainly prostitution. The trafficking of humans is a massive underground industry throughout the United States as well as close to home mainly Chicago and it’s suburbs. “Human Trafficking is the recruiting, harboring,moving or obtaining a person by force, fraud or coercion, for the purposes of involuntary servitude, debt bondage or sexual exploitation(¨Human Trafficking in Illinois¨).” Human Trafficking is one of the largest and is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Annually 9.5billion dollars of profits are generated from trafficking humans world wide. “Persons do not have to have been transported internationally to be considered victims of trafficking(Facts about Human Trafficking). Men and women are often times tricked into servitude by “johns” a term used for traffickers and pimps. “Johns” use fraud, deception, coercion, and threats to the victim and or loved ones of the victim, to transport, harbor and or obtain people for sexual exploitation, or labor and slavery(¨Human Trafficking¨). The most common and most profitable form of trafficking is sex trafficking(Human Trafficking in Illinois). Sex Trafficking can range from prostitution, stripping, sex s... ... middle of paper ... ...king operations. Most women involved in these places of business are often times harboring children and teens which are sold or ¨rented out¨ for sexual exploitation. Hundreds of girl and young teens are kept captive as sex slaves where they are kept until it is time for them to be used for the commercial sex trade. About one third of young woman in commercial sex started at the ages of 15, over half started at age 18. In the metroploitan area surrounding Chicago it is estimated that 16,000 to 25,000 women and young girls are involved in sex trafficking or commercial sex annually. On February 23, 2009 FBI agents and law enforcements arrested 414 chicago adults involved in human trafficking. It was declared on February 7 to be ¨National Day of John Arrests¨. During ¨National Day of John Arrests¨ law enforcement in Illinois busts suspected human trafficking locations.

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