The Negative Effects Of Immigration

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A few weeks ago, a picture about a dead Syrian Boy on the beaches of Turkey brought attention to the issue of migration. Governments have to consider how to limit migration trends because they think a large number of immigrants will lead to a terrible effect on local residents. Based on this point, some countries adopted some strategies to limit migration. They reduced some benefits and increased the difficulty to immigrants. Even some governments such as Japan government refuse to people to immigrate. Even though immigrants bring some benefits, governments are still afraid of the negative impact of immigration on the following three aspects: local market, wages and social stability. However, some facts and research show these effects are not…show more content…
They think the different cultural backgrounds are the main factor of the conflicts between local people and immigrants. This background includes religion, race, and general public perception. Mumbai, the biggest city in India, had a big conflict because of the religious problem and nearly 6 hundred people died (“National Borders Identities Conflict”). But as time goes on, conflicts will disappear by understanding each other. And with the development of globalization, more immigrants will be admitted to other countries. Cultural exchange and integration will become the main theme between local people and migrants in the future. It is also an irresistible trend and governments should consider how to reduce the resistance of cultural exchanges, and help to maintain social stability. Furthermore, if governments refuse to migrants because of security issues, it means they refuse a lot of opportunities to develop their own countries. Some people who have the courage to change their life want to migrate, and they can bring a positive attitude in the local development. For example, one announcement from Whitehouse shows that immigrants have not only brought more opportunities to America, but also kept America younger (“Ten Way Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy,” Jason Furman). It is also a positive feedback to society. Migration does not have a huge impact on local markets, wages, and security problems. On the contrary, migration will bring some benefits to local development. Immigrants start the business to give some opportunities to local residents, and they spread an updated spirit to local people. In general, even though immigration has some negative effects on local people, the benefits that are produced by immigrants outweigh these drawbacks. Governments should consider how immigrants make some benefits instead of limiting the
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