The Negative Effects Of Climate Change

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What will happen to planet Earth as years pass by? The world will eventually fall apart as the years go by because of many natural and manmade causes. One of the most impactful causes to the Earth’s eventual downfall is climate change. Climate change is a long term change in the weather that affects many parts of the Earth such as the arctic, extinction of animals and more terrible acts. Climate Change will affect the Earth negatively due to its causes of natural disasters, health effects to humans, and global warming. Natural disasters is one of the more deadly effects of climate change due to its random and violent behaviors. An example of a natural disaster that are more likely caused by climate change is hurricanes. These tropical cyclones…show more content…
The explanations of this effect are that “Climate change poses unprecedented threats to human health by impacts on food and water security, heat waves and droughts, violent storms, infectious disease, and rising sea levels” (Barrett). It is not just food/water security and natural disasters that pose a threat to human health, but even pollution. Humans are harming themselves because as long as they keep driving cars, fossil fuels will be released into the atmosphere from the exhausts of cars, buses and other transportation vehicles. These fossil fuels pollute the air which causes breathing problems, acid rain, and respiratory diseases on humans. Furthermore, air pollution is a key driver to climate change because it increases temperatures and carbon dioxide rates in the atmosphere. As a result, human health drops in the negative ratings due to climate change. For solutions regarding climate change and human health, alternative energy sources would be the best. Since humans rely heavily on fossil fuels, they need to find an equal energy source that will not disrupt the atmosphere. Some examples of alternative energy sources are wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, tidal power and much more. None of these energy sources provide pollution to the Earth; however, they are expensive substitutes to build and use efficiently. Dams provide hydroelectric energy, drinking water, and flood control, but cannot be built everywhere and is also expensive to
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