The Nature Of Human Nature: Good And Evil

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Evil isn’t a separate entity apart from us; it’s within us all through dishonesty, unfairness, etc. In other words, not all evil is sin, but all sin is evil.
God is good and evil is rampant; both of these are true. Theodicy questions how both statements are true; there couldn’t be a just God and evil in the same world. My logic is that since we know what good and evil is, that proves the existence of God. God created an instinctive sense of right and wrong in our minds from our birth that goes deep into our nature as humans. C.S. Lewis calls this the “Law of Human Nature” since, like gravity, “the subject is governed by the law.” So I believe that God exists, and evil is a result of our free will which is given to us by God. Without free
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The grey areas of evil that aren’t caused by direct sin can be explained by the “fall of man” in Genesis. No person is perfectly pure because of Adam and Eve’s sin, which I believe we have would have committed in the same circumstance. “Sin entered the world through one man” (Romans 5:12) and mankind is cursed because of it. Although someone could try to be perfect (which Pelagius teaches is obtainable), they could never reach perfection since it is not in human nature. I believe that we entered the world with original sin but through God’s grace, we can be made good, although not fully pure. Our free will that God gave us leads to sin since humans are not fully pure. Sin then leads to evil. I believe that God allows evil to exist. He can handle evil, it’s below him. If God is capable of mediating as I trust, then He must not for reasons. First, it would curtail our free will if He intervened. If he destroyed evil now, then there would be no more goodness since one can’t exist without the other. Second, we wouldn’t learn from our mistakes; we learn from suffering and hardships. Perseverance makes us stronger, not

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