The Parable Of The Prodigal Son Essay

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Beginning with the understanding that God as written in biblical text is all powerful, all knowing, and good we then seek to more deeply understand how it is that God allows evil to exist. From the initial text in the Bible referring to the creation of Adam and Eve we are able to see the step-by-step creation of the different elements in our world. With the creation of elements came the assimilation of a guideline or law to follow. Understanding of this initial and key guideline could be one of the main contexts to understanding the first concept of wrong, how wrong came to exist, and why it is allowed to continue. Also the generalizations that are made and the multiple interpretations they hold in different contexts is another example of how we are encouraged to come about our own perception and belief based on what we understand overall of God being good and seeking love for us and from us, and the desire for God to give us the opportunity to learn, make mistakes, and return to him as the prodigal son did. I do not intend…show more content…
This story does show an understanding that bad choices and evil (in this story the evil is the dishonour of asking for ones untimely and undeserved inheritance- undeserved as it was to be used with ill intent) will come about. This is an understanding and not a rule to alleviate wrongs done. The understanding is evil is and will happen, but the opportunity to turn evil into love exists as well. The father’s love and reception after being treated dishonourably is the shining example of the allowance of not only the opportunity to make good and evil decisions, but for the opportunity to understand those choices and return to receive love and forgiveness. (Luke
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