Evil: Evil And Evil

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Evil exist in the world; evil is something humans created, the definition was defined by humans, not nature. There is no presence of evil in nature, therefor nature before humanity was pure. This brings up the question that if an all-powerful and knowing God created humanity, then why he would have created evil to go alongside with that. There are established theories that say evil exist because free will exist, and the theodicy of soul-building, which means to prove Gods existence through building religious muscle (building faith and falling, but getting back up; you must suffer for God’s love etc.) But what is in question is if there are any reasons an all PKG would put evil on earth, and why would a creator put something bad on their domain.…show more content…
Sin can be used as another word for evil, but in this context of sin is the betrayal of God, so does this mean evil only exist if God exist; this is a large part of the argument on the side of the theologian. Sober states that there are two types of evil; natural and moral, natural being pain and death, and moral being more “sinly”, as in stealing or committing murder. If Sober had contemplated the Adam and Eve theodicy, he may have believed that according to the story natural evil was around before Adam and Eve, and that humans are responsible for moral evil. So if humans are the only things capable of sinning, are humans the only beings that can commit moral evils; I would have to say yes. I say that this theodicy does not explain why or how exist, as there is no way of proving, or ever proving, unless there was proof that there was no evil in the world until the first came to…show more content…
This is very much a possibility, and with growing research in the field of mental studies there is more evidence that this could highly be possible. For the following scenario imagine that a person associates blue with the sky and grey with the clouds. This person wakes and goes outside to get his morning paper, looks up, and thinks a storm is coming, because he has just associates the blue sky with his knowledge that clouds are grey, and grey clouds likely bring rain, or vice versa, the person sees a grey sky and thinks it will be a beautiful, sunny day, but it begins to rain minutes later. A few minutes later the persons significant other calls them, and ask about the weather, and the person says something along the line of, “It is a nice blue sunny day”, at this point the person is confused as he had associated the blue sky with raining, but it generally doesn’t rain when there are blue skies. Is it possible that instantly this man’s perception of colors have changed, well, according to the inverted spectrum theory; yes. So if this is possible, will the theory challenge the idea of functionalism; functionalism is the idea that mental states are defined by what they do, and not their physical properties. Spectrum-inversion

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