The Motives for Which They Fought

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The Motives for Which They Fought The reasons given for why Civil War soldiers fought were abundant, but in among the vast array of motives, only a few could be taken into careful consideration. Some historians agree that the main interest for both the North and South was political in nature, arguing that if the government fell, so would the future and characteristics of both nations. Consequently, some of the many diaries and personal accounts profess that soldiers felt an overwhelming sense of duty, which extended first to their closest relatives and friends, this being the central driving force motivating them to enlist. However, what surely remains is thousands on both sides gave up their lives for what they considered a necessary cause. In the end, it would be a sustaining principle of conviction, which would repeatedly lead them into battle against insurmountable odds. The Civil War is somewhat unique when compared to other struggles throughout history. With opposing ideas of liberty and political ideologies, one could question the motives of those who gave up their lives, family, and future for such a cause. This linkage of God, family, and homeland drove many to fight for their own family, as well as the future of all generations. It is worth pointing out how the closeness of home, and a strong family structure was the background of most soldiers. The remote life of farming, and close-knit communities, later connected these soldiers together into their own family unit, or “brotherhood.” Before advancement in technology that provided faster communications in the nineteenth century, immediate access to information was sluggish. However, with the telegraph, and a faster postal service, access to daily events in... ... middle of paper ... ...ove both sides to invest in more and more bloodshed. When looking at the Civil War in a historic sense, one could think of the many countries that fought for the cause of liberty and injustice. What made the United Sates different in these aspects, is the many particular reasons given for why the soldiers fought. One could look at the consequences and outcomes of the Civil War, and relate how this outcome played into history. What justifies their actions are still debated today, but many agree that most soldiers whether right or wrong, felt a sense of “duty,” to God, family, and country. In conclusion, most Civil War soldiers seemed to had a very real understanding of their sacrifice, and the impact it would bring for the future of their families, this being the future of all generations hence forth. This understanding to them was a “just” cause.

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