The Meaning of Death in "The Indian Burying Ground"

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The poem is about an Indian culture, especially and Indian funeral. It describes death in this tradition, which is looked at as rude and savage. Still, the speaker reveals a lot about its strength and beauty as the poem goes on. It is a message inviting people to understand this culture as it is without prejudices. Unlike the white man's tradition, in the Indian's, the dead Indian is dressed in special clothes as though celebrating a happy event. Death in the Indian tradition has a different meaning. It is no longer that sad and dreadful event that everyone is afraid of. The dead person becomes a warrior who protects the land. This explains his posture and the way he is dressed in. The conception of death in this culture makes of it a different one from the white man's. This difference makes the strangers reflect on this tradition, which they consider unacceptable and savage as the speaker says: "On which the curious eye may trace The fancies of a ruder race." This gap between is but the outcome of a misunderstanding of the Indian's customs. Still, it is a deep-rooted one which has resisted change. It is deep rooted and old, and believes in the existence of specters. It gives greatest value to the soul and considers it as the perfect and purest element in humans that live s eternally. The Indian culture is a strong one that has a strong belief in its principles that no reason can solve its mystery.

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