Theme Of Death In Young Adult Literature

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As time has passed, people have become more and more distant from some parts of daily life. At one point death was something that most children and teens seen as a natural part of life, now though the increase of technology is removing them from this knowledge. Since young adults are not experiencing death as much as they used too in their real lives anymore, literature has become a way for them to learn about death. Also, many teens feel as if they are invincible and that death can’t touch them. With the death of people we know slowly being removed from the family setting, and with adolescents not fully understanding the value of life, the use of death is increasingly becoming an important theme that is used in young adult literature.
The importance of using the theme of death in so many books and teaching it to others is based off of two assumptions. One is that we need to learn how to face the inevitability of death and to understand that it happens to everyone. The second is that we need to be educated in order to make smart decisions about
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Using texts for bibliotherapy can help to give them an understanding of death. Not all books are appropriate to use and there is a certain criteria to fit this. The first thing to look for is pretty obvious, but it’s to make sure the text is appropriate for the audience it is being given to. Next it is important to make sure that the information in the book is accurate, making sure that any methods used are not outdated. The third thing to look for when choosing the text is to make sure that the emotional impact of the book is appropriate for the age group. It is also important to check the literary usefulness of the book. The last thing to check for is to see is the book could be used for
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