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Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden is a short poem that illustrates the emotions that he is dealing with after the love of his life passes away. The tone of this piece evokes feelings that will differ depending on the reader; therefore, the meaning of this poem is not in any way one-dimensional, resulting in inevitable ambiguity . In order to evoke emotion from his audience, Auden uses a series of different poetic devices to express the sadness and despair of losing a loved one. This poem isn’t necessarily about finding meaning or coming to some overwhelming realization, but rather about feeling emotions and understanding the pain that the speaker is experiencing. Through the use of poetic devices such as an elegy, hyperboles, imagery, metaphors, and alliterations as well as end-rhyme, Auden has created a powerful poem that accurately depicts the emotions a person will often feel when the love of their live has passed away.
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Toward the end of the poem, Auden begins to use hyperboles to demonstrate how his world feels diminished after the passing of his lover. For instance, when Auden writes, “I thought that love would last for ever,” he is using a hyperbole because at some point we all die so therefore, by logical reason, it is impossible for a love to truly last forever. When Auden later writes, “Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun; Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood,” he is expressing how his physical world too may as well be over because he has lost his one true love. In some aspects, he wants nature to heed his grief; “He wants the world to reflect the emptiness within him.” Auden has successfully incorporated the use of hyperboles throughout his poem Funeral Blues to further prove the harsh reality of how it feels for the love of your life to die and to be left with nothing but

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