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  • School Clothes

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    School Clothes I strongly believe that children should come with an instruction manual in different languages, after all, even the most complicated computer system or VCR has a manual in three to four languages, or more. Granted, sometimes we can't understand the instructions, but we have them and sometimes even a toll-free help line. Now some people would say their own parent would be the help-line but not always does that work out. Our own parents advice can be, shall I say, out-dated; for example

  • The Emperors New Clothes

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    read one of the Hans Christian Anderson's short stories, The Emperor's New Clothes. This Danish writer in his story made such a good picture of foolish kings and governors that now-a-days are much more before. Many years ago there was an emperor who was so excessively fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on them. He cared nothing about his army, nor for people and his country, except to showing off his new clothes. One day two swindlers came to castle and said to emperor that they can weave

  • To put on their clothes made one a sahib too: Mimicry and the Carnivalesque in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable

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    To put on their clothes made one a sahib too: Mimicry and the Carnivalesque in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable The character of Bakha, in Anand’s Untouchable, is drawn from the lowest caste in Indian society, that of sweeper, or cleaner of human ordure. Despite his unpromising station in life, the central figure in the novel operates at a variety of levels in order to critique the status quo of caste in India. Well aware of his position at the nadir of Indian society, Bakha is able-via his untouchability-to

  • Clothes Wear Clothes

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    “When I wear a blazer I get more stuff done.” Says senior Sarah Watson. There’s no secret that the clothes you wear can affect how you may act. But does it affect how other people treat you? An anonymous source says, “I think that in our school people base their friendships off of how you dress and how you look, not on how you act or treat people.” This is a sad thing to hear but some people may experience this as the sad truth. These kinds of things run through our minds and manipulate us into

  • Effects Of Clothes On Clothes

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    Clothing And Personality:Effects On Feelings Individuals having problems approaching a stranger based off of their appearance being strange or unfriendly is a lot more common and subconscious than most people are willing to admit or even notice. A person’s choice of clothing has a plethora of effects on both themselves and people they socialize with such as how associates feel about that person or if they’d even want to talk to them. Recent studies have shown that a large amount of feelings are

  • Colors and clothes

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    when they see the person in front of their eyes wearing a certain color. Some people argue that wearing different clothes with different colors will not affect their personality, but they undermine the effects of colors on people’s attitude. However, wearing different attires with variety in colors, can be perceived differently by different individuals, as well as wearing appropriate clothes for different occasions and even cultural associations with different colors can have an effects on perceiver

  • Fashsion Statement

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    setting. When someone decides what to wear they need to keep in mind what messages will they be sending to the gazing eyes. Sometimes we forget or don’t realize, that we are sending both true and false message through our clothes. I am a calm, casual, musician however my clothes do not reflect this. To start, I am wearing skateboard shoes, fat toe-end and fat tongue, rather bulky. They are black except for the gum sole, and the logo on the tongue is golden. The golden logo is hidden by the cuffs of

  • Conforming To The Ways Of The World

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    Conforming to the Ways of the World These days, the brand of clothes we wear and the corporate logos that are on clothes, can tell a person the type of people we want to be associated with and where we stand on the social ladder. Children, teenagers, and adults allow themselves to help advertise for fashion designers by wearing corporate logos because wearing these logos gives them a sense of belonging to a certain group of people, social status, or a so-called “in crowd.” Corporate logos are the

  • A Tommy Hilfiger Advertisement that Insults America

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    Hilfiger. There is an American flag in the background. There is an American flag covered couch people are sitting on. There is a big house in the background. There are six people total in the picture. Each person is wearing all Tommy Hilfiger brand clothes. The people are a mix in between different cultures as well. Plus the people all generally look very good. Then lastly, the caption reads as “the real American fragrance”. Can you see how offensive it is already? What kind of baloney is it

  • dress code

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    wear. What people wear is what makes them different from everybody else. Most girls like to wear skimpier clothes that show their shoulders and stomachs, but this rule doesn't let them. Just because a shirt has profanity, vulgar suggestions, sexual connotations, drugs or alcohol on it, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be worn. People try expressing themselves through the slogans on their clothes. I don't feel anything is wrong with these shirts and I'm not offended by them, nor should anybody else be

  • Uniforms In Public School

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    the money to buy all the newest clothes tend to not go to school as much because they feel that they don’t fit in. The kids that come from lower class level backgrounds are the kids out there selling drugs and committing the crimes, but the money made goes to buy the latest designer jeans, just so they are “ cool” at school. Uniforms can be bought at almost any clothing store. Prices range from $5-$7 for shirts, $10 for shorts and $7 for jumpers. Of course used clothes are cheaper. Majority of parents

  • Teaching in the Nude

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    me. It was a Wednesday, which means it is a swim day. As everyone around me began shedding his or her clothes, I felt my heart skip a beat as I wondered where I was going to change. "Um, do I just take off my clothes and change right in front of the children?" I asked, sheepishly. "Well, unless you plan to swim in your clothes, I think it would be a good idea to take off your clothes!" was the Danish response. They were not used to my cultural views on nudity; but I was. Well, seeing

  • school uniform requirement

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    weekends, of course, all bets are off. Maria has a simple yet effective strategy: she borrows her friends' clothes, typically baggy jeans. School uniforms also take the pressure off students to pay top dollar for clothes, according to Reginald Wilson, a senior scholar at the American Council on Education in Washington, D.C. "I think it does lower the cost of clothes, and kids don't emphasize clothes as much when they're all wearing the same thing," Wilson said. "Certainly the competition to wear the best

  • Evils of Monarchy and Society in the Works of Mark Twain

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    common beggar boy, Tom Canty, switch clothes and identities, throwing each into a social situation with which he is not familiar.  Through the stories of each boy, Twain brings out two themes that reflect his views on monarchy and society.  Underlying the adventures of Tom Canty is Twain's mockery of the idea that clothes determine a man's place in society.  As Twain once said, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society" ("Clothes" n.pag.).  Tom Canty assumes the role

  • The Power of Money in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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    happiness, and allow him to climb the social ladder in the prominent East Egg. Jay Gatsby believes he can buy happiness; and this is exhibited through his house, his clothes, and through Daisy. He owns a large portion of finances due to some mysterious source of wealth, and he uses this mystery source to buy his house, his clothes, and Daisy. Gatsby's house, as Fitzgerald describes it, is "a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy, with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thin

  • life in the factories

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    they had to feed and clothe these kids and then provide them with a place to sleep. The factory owners went at this problem with the same cheapness that they had when buying the children. Children were forced at many places, to eat while working and the kids often complained about the food. Most of the time the food was covered in dust by the time they were beginning to eat. When most of these children came from the workhouses and were made to come with a change of common clothes. Most factories were

  • Imagery in Chopin’s Storm and John Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums

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    up Bobinot's Sunday clothes before the rain fell. If she was angry with Bobinot she would have left the clothes outside(147). Single words and phrases are very important when looking at the situation. The word "hastened" shows that she cared about her husband. If the word in that sentence was not "hastened," but "went," it would change the whole meaning of the sentence&emdash;"she went out to get them before the rain fell" does not indicate that she cared whether the clothes got wet or not. In

  • Swaddling Clothes

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    “Swaddling Clothes” The Evolutions of Toshiko By Caramel Velez By nature, all people are self-centered at one time or another. I find myself constantly being wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks becoming oblivious to the world around me. This action can continues for days or weeks until something drastic happens to break me out of it. A news story about Syria or a frantic phone call from a family member and my solitary existence does not matter. All of a sudden, my eyes are open wondering

  • Jules Verne

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    Jules was in his young 20s, he wrote operettas librettos for about 2 years while continuing to practice law. He was appointed as the Secretary of the Theatre Lyrique in Paris. He made some letters to his mother commenting on his shabby clothes compared to the clothes poets there. He started to become a very busy people. Verne was married on January 10, 1857 to Honorine de Viane. He only had 1 child, a boy named Michel, who was born on August 3, 1861. Verne also had 2 stepdaughters, Valentine, and Suzanne

  • The Monster under My Bed

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    puzzles, books, and clothes strewn about all over. There was no way I could clean all this up and still have time to go play with my friends. “Jeez, Mom doesn’t understand anything. If she would just let me go play, then I would come back and clean it up later,” I thought to myself. “She is no fun at all. When I’m a mom I will never make my kids clean their room,” I vowed to myself. I started cleaning, putting toys in the toy box, books on the shelf, shoes and dress-up clothes in the closet.