Deep Essays

  • Ocean Deep

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    Snelgrove and Grassle in The Deep Sea: Desert and Rainforest published in Oceanus, volume 38 in 1995 argue that the popular belief that the deep sea is little more than an “ocean desert” is a pure fallacy. Contrary to such thinking a multitude of benthic organisms dwell on the ocean bottom; despite the frigid temperatures and high pressure, a large heterogeneity of creatures, rivaling in variety and number those inhabiting tropical rainforests, thrive in this environment. The “analogy of the ocean

  • Skin Deep

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    Skin Deep We drove all the way down to New Jersey. We usually reserve NY/NJ trips for Korean grocery shopping and long weekends. It was a perfectly nice March day out—brisk, but sunny, with just enough warmth for a light jacket. This was my dad’s idea. I was pretty against the whole thing, but I decided to give it a try; it wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? Ever since I was young I have had scars on my face from a severe case of chicken pox. The doctors worried that my face would be scarred much


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    Dusk has fallen, and now it’s just starting to penetrate the canopy of the forest. The trees seem to be dancing to the music of the evening breeze and the gentle rustle of leafs compliment the overall atmosphere. The songs of birds have been totally replaced by an orchestra of crickets and other insects, and I seem to be their sole audience. My eyes peer into the gloom trying to make out what lies ahead, without much success. Soon I realize that I have to let my other senses take over in order continue

  • Deep Ecology

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    Deep Ecology/Ecosophy The ideas behind deep ecology have major implications today. They allow people to think more profoundly about the environment and possibly come to a better understanding of their own meaning. People are intensely concerned about the world’s technological adolescence, massive consumerism, and overpopulation. A man named Arne Naess, former head of the philosophy department at the University of Oslo founded an idea that can direct people’s anxiety away from their "shallow"

  • Deep Sea Fishing

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    Deep Sea Fishing Wow!  I love going deep sea fishing on our boat.  I was excited when my dad had asked me if I wanted to go this weekend.  We departed that Saturday morning after almost a week of sheer anticipation, our destination, Port Canaveral, home of of some of the best fishing on the east coast of Florida. The sea is a very dangerous place when riled by a storm, even a mild one, so we always made sure the day would be at least close to perfect before we ventured

  • The Deep End Of The Ocean

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    The Deep End of the Ocean In the film The Deep End of the Ocean, we can apply some concepts discussed in the Interpersonal Communication curse. The film emphasis a communication problem into a family after the Ben’s abduction. Ben was the middle child of Beth and Pat. The older son was Vincent, who had an important role in the drama, and Kerry was the smaller. The abduction took place during Beth’s class reunion. After nine years, Beth found him, he was leaving very close to the real family. Ben

  • Digging Deep into The Tempest

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    It makes sense to me to see in this Shakespeare's sense of his own art--both what it can achieve and what it cannot. The theatre--that magical world of poetry, song, illusion, pleasing and threatening apparitions--can, like Prospero's magic, educate us into a better sense of ourselves, into a final acceptance of the world, a state in which we forgive and forget in the interests of the greater human community. The theatre, that is, can reconcile us to the joys of the human community so that

  • Deep Ecology And Religion

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    sought deeper meaning and understanding of philosophies of individuals and organizations that revolve around the fundamental aspects and notions of deep ecology and eco-activism. These associations offer more views and attitudes on how an individual and society can create and maintain a kinship and positive influence with the natural environment. Like deep ecologist’s view on the metaphysical relationship of man and nature. Eco-activist’s contend to a belief of “ecology as religion”(Kinsley 193). They

  • The Deep Web

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    Today my purpose is to inform you how to access the deep web and about the wonders and dangers of the deep web. First, in order to connect to the deep web, users must connect to a special browser software in order to peel back the onion-like layers of the web. Because user must connect to a special server to access this information, a simple Google search will not bring up any results from the Deep Web. The most common way to connect to the Deep Web is using a software called The Onion Router, commonly

  • Byzantium - Deep Desires that Transcend Time

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    Byzantium  - Deep Desires that Transcend Time William Butler Yeats wrote two poems which are together known as the Byzantium series. The first is "Sailing to Byzantium," and its sequel is simply named "Byzantium." The former is considered the easier of the two to understand. It contains multiple meanings and emotions, and the poet uses various literary devices to communicate them. Two of the most dominant themes of this poem are the desire for escape from the hardships of this world and

  • Prejudice Runs Deep in To Kill A Mockingbird

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    Prejudice Runs Deep in To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird takes place in small town Maycomb, Alabama, a depression era town where people move slowly and twenty-four hours seems longer.  The narrator of the story is a six-year-old girl named Jean Louise Finch, a tomboy who hates wearing dresses and goes by the nickname "Scout."  Scout's being a tomboy is of no little significance because while we are treated to a sweet and affectionate portrayal of Maycomb at the novel's opening, we

  • What is Deep Ecology?

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    “Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness” - Fritjof Capra “Deep ecology” as a concept has grown since 1973, when it was propounded for the first time by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher remarkably influenced by Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’. The concept has since then enriched and is also responsible for having split environmental movements across the globe. This division has also been the cause of dichotomy

  • Narcissism as Liberation and Deep Play: Notes on a Balinese Cockfight

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    Comparing Susan Douglas' Narcissism as Liberation and Clifford Greetz's Deep Play: Notes on a Balinese Cockfight The method used by Susan Douglas in her essay “Narcissism as Liberation” to describe the way a particular event to practice might have a deeper meaning seems to differ somewhat with that used by Clifford Greetz in “Deep Play: Notes on a Balinese Cockfight”. In the former, the author concentrates on the method which would be best described as “direct approach”. In her explanations

  • Free Narrative Essays - Beauty is Only Skin Deep

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    Beauty is Only Skin Deep, Ugly Goes to the Bone I am not easily recognized, or rather, I am easily ignored. My style of dress is a cardigan and jeans, or when it's warmer, a T-shirt and jeans. Occasionally I'll wear khakis. I am a very unnoticeable 5'3'' and have eaten just enough chocolate to have a round face and figure. With all of this in mind, when I tapped the shoulder of the up-to-the-minute girl lip-locked with her boyfriend-of-the-day, I was not greeted with a warm smile. I frequently

  • Much Ado About Nothing: A Comedy with Deep Meaning

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    Much Ado About Nothing:  A Comedy with Deep Meaning Much Ado About Nothing--the title sounds, to a modern ear, offhand and self-effacing; we might expect the play that follows such a beginning to be a marvelous piece of fluff and not much more. However, the play and the title itself are weightier than they initially seem. Shakespeare used two other such titles--Twelfth Night, or What You Will and As You Like It--both of which send unexpected reverberations of meaning throughout their respective

  • Deep Ocean Mining Essay

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    In recent years, deep ocean drilling and deep ocean mining has received a lot of criticism for its effects on the environment. Many of the mistakes made have caused irreparable damage to the wildlife and the economy that was based around it. In April of this year a multi-national company reached an agreement with Papua New Guinea that would allow them to open up the world’s first deep ocean mine. There are many groups who are against this agreement. One of the major ones being Greenpeace who argue

  • The Pros and Cons of Deep-Linking

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    Deep-Linking: Advantages and Disadvantages Introduction Deep-linking is a useful tool that the helps to navigate the reader to the specific information he is interested in. There are many issues and concerns related to that function that need to be taken into the account before allowing deep-linking by external entities or accepting any deep-linking. In order to understand all of the issues let’s define the deep-linking and understand how deep-linking is working. Deep-linking is publishing a

  • Experiment on Deep Fat Frying

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    during deep fat frying. 2. Identify the factors that influence steaming cooking. 3. Discuss the significance of temperature of the fat in influencing fat absorption during deep fat frying. 4. Discuss the significance of water temperature during steaming cooking. INTRODUCTION During the laboratory class, we conducted experiments regarding deep fat frying, fat absorption and steaming cooking. We fried doughnut, French fries and prawn fritter while steamed bun and chocolate cakes. What is deep fat frying

  • Pros And Cons Of The Deep Web

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    referred to as “The Deep Web”, is a segment of the Internet that is not visible through conventional browsers. In addition to this, information contained in the Deep Web cannot be indexed by standard search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etcetera. The key reason for this primarily due to the fact that standard search engines cannot directly access data that is held in private databases, which in turn creates problems when typical search engines try to index content from the Deep Web. So, if standard

  • Deep Sea Fish Adaptions

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    Ballard famously referred to the deep sea as ‘far more alien than going to mars or the moon.’ The deep sea is one of the largest virtually unexplored ecosystems on the planet; it is found at a depth of 1000 fathoms [1] and is subject to adverse changes in temperature, pressure and light penetration amongst other factors. Therefore as expected fish decrease in abundance, and species diversity. This trend is prominent as in order to survive the harsh conditions of the deep sea, fish need a number of specific