The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

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In chemistry, catalyst is a substance which increases the rate of reaction with itself does not combine in reaction. The aim of this essay is researching more about catalyst, for instant how does catalyst work and the example of catalyst. Also, this research might useful for science international foundation students for support revision. First of all, this essay will describe Maxwell Boltzmann distribution diagram and give the meaning of collision theory, then it will discuss on Activation Energy. After that, activation complex will be explained using enthalpy diagram and catalyst pathway will be focused. Following this, there will be a describing about homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, also their own mechanisms and examples. Lastly, this essay will represent the catalytically poisoning.

The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
According to Webchem(2005) the Kinetic energy of atoms and molecules can be found using formula Ke=1/2mv2, where m = mass and v= velocity. It can see that their kinetic energy depend on velocity, due to all of particles have a same mass. In the mixture of moving molecule, there are low particles which have very low energy, and also very fast particles which have high energy, as well as most of particles ’s speed are nearly average. However, there is no limit of energy and energy equals zero, including there are not many particles which have much energy, is shown in the figure1.

Figure 1:
Collision theory
From the figure1, there is an activation energy which is a minimum kinetic energy that necessary for particles to be participating of the reaction. According to (Ltd., 2014)Occurrence of chemical reaction requires collision of particles which ha...

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