The Little Girl Who Changed My Life

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When I was a child, my grandparents always told me that children are the future of our world. A child needs to be shown how much they are able to achieve. A child not shown that will never blossom into the beautiful flower which they are meant to be. That is why I chose to volunteer at my community elementary school. I wanted to live the words that my grandparents told me, the words that would make a difference in my future. I was handpicked by the principal and the teacher to be the friend of a child who needed me. My journey began with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl named Mary. Now, Mary isn’t your normal four-year-old who always wants to tell you what happened from the moment she wakes up. She never said one word to me from the moment I met her. I didn’t say much to her, either. All I kept telling her was we are going to have so much fun this year. When I went home that day, all I could think of was that I was picked for this child for a reason, and that while I was with her, I would make the best effort I could to change her outlook on the worl...

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