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When I think of the National Honor Society, I think of a group of hard-working, talented students dedicated to their future and their community. In my high school career, National Honor Society members have always been people to look up to, not only for their status, but for everything it stands for. My academics and education have always been a priority for me. I have been extremely fortunate in having access to prosperous schools, dedicated teachers, and a support system of equally motivated friends and peers. I can be stubborn, and that trait can be seen through my academic history. If I cannot understand a topic or do not do as well as I would like on an assignment, I will keep working at it until I satisfy my personal expectations. The …show more content…

Being in a school that brought students from various counties and cities with different backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, opened my eyes to seeing just how diverse humanity is. In a time when everyone is struggling with personal problems, I know how monumental a simple volunteer act can be. One of my favorite acts of service is tutoring. I tutored an elementary-aged girl for two years in Fort Lee and I will always remember those two years as the most fulfilling. Education is so precious, and children are the most open to it. Not only was I able to teach her math and reading comprehension skills, but how to carry herself as a smart and extraordinarily capable young lady. In return, she taught me patience and how sometimes you just need to approach a problem differently to see the …show more content…

As the oldest, there’s greater inherent responsibility, and then there’s the addition of both my parents’ active-duty military service. My mother and father are both exceptional leaders, and they’ve instilled a sense of independence and generosity within me. If the number of deployments and out-of-town duties were lessened, I doubt my character would have developed as it did. In school and the community, I have always reached for leadership positions if I felt I was qualified. I spent two years working on a literary magazine and newsletter, and proved myself enough to grab a higher position my second year. Helping others perform to their fullest with my help is extraordinarily rewarding. These qualities reflected on the two years I spent regularly babysitting after school and on call. Babysitting not only helped me develop my leadership and role model traits, it was also gratifying to know that because I dedicated myself, I was making the lives of parents

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the national honor society as a group of hard-working, talented students dedicated to their future and their community.
  • Opines that their academics and education have always been a priority for them. they can be stubborn, and that trait is seen through academic history. learning is one of their favorite aspects.
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