Real Learning Essay

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What is Real Learning? Learning is commonly defined as the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge through experiences. To me, learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout our lives. When referring to Robert E. Slavin ‘s book, Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, he mentioned how people are already engaged in a learning environment where they receive stimuli everywhere they go, but they are only aware of some of the stimuli (p.129). By referring to Slavin’s book, what real learning is to me is when an individual actually notice those stimuli, learned particular information and skills from those stimuli, and being able to apply the things they learn to their daily life. Furthermore, when referring to the Operant Conditioning theory by B.F. Skinner, which is mentioned in Slavin’s book, real learning is also when an individual had a change in knowledge and behavior that is caused by experience or consequences, no matter if it is a positive or negative consequence. According to psychologist, Robert E. Slavin (2008), “Your senses are usually wide open to all sorts of stimuli, or environmental events or conditions, but you are consciously aware of only a fraction of them at any one time” (p. 129). By looking at what Slavin stated about stimuli, we can infer that even though we are exposed to various stimuli everywhere we are at, we are only aware to a few of them, so it is important for educators to present students the right stimuli that will help students focus their attention and learn from them. For instance, I am a visual learner, so demonstrations, pictures, videos, charts, or diagrams, are all some kind of stimuli that can better help me learn. When I first started learning about psycholog... ... middle of paper ... ...ome home earlier, which is a kind of presentation punishment that decreased the less-desired behavior. After I received the consequences of my behavior and realize what kind of actions others prefer, I have “really learned” how I should behave in different situations. There are vast variations on what real learning means to different people, and there are no right or wrong definition or answer for this question. When I reflect about how I determine whether I had truly learned something, I notice that it is when I learned particular information and being able to apply that knowledge I learned to my daily life, and when my behavior and knowledge has changed after some experience and consequences of my behavior. By knowing what I define real learning is, I can better understand what kind of learning strategies work better for me and maximize my learning experience.
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