The Language Assessment The Child

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For the Language Assessment the Child, Tanner Shockley, had a total of 264 morphemes spoken in 50 utterances in the Language Sample. For the Mean Length of Utterance the child scored a 5.28. This means that in the Brown 's stages of development Tanner is in the beyond the plus 5 stage. This means that the child should be able to embed one sentence into another and ask indirect questions. The child should be able to use sentences or phrases using passive voice. The child should be able to use coordinates with the word and in a sequential or phrasal usage in the child 's word structure. At this stage of development the child should be able to use gerunds and relative clauses. Also the use of more prepositional phrases and overall more complex sentence structure should be able to be used by the child. It should be noted that the majority of the children, who are Tanner’s age are usually around the 3rd stage and not where Tanner is on the Brown’s Stages. For the child 's phonological development he seems to be where he needs to be at his age. The child can produce his consonants and vowels with easy. Although in the word “Atlanta” the child did delete the first syllable and shorten the word to sound like “Lana”. This could be because the child was speaking fast and in his connected speech the word was chopped off so the child could speak with more ease or it could be a term that the child has learned because the child 's parent also says the exact same thing. The child also experienced a hiccup when trying to pronounce a word with the /r/ phoneme in its initial place. The child produced a combination of the /w/ and the /r/ sound in the word “real.” When the child was speaking the word sounded off and seem like Tanner was sa... ... middle of paper ... ...o know the relationship between words. Tanner being 54 months should have a MLU that puts him in the 3rd stage of Brown Stages of development but he seems to somehow surpass that and be in the 5 plus stage. I would say this might be clinician error due to his age but I recently found out that Tanner has actually been in gifted programs. Having this knowledge puts me in a better place because I thought that I messed up when calculating a MLU for him. Tanner seems like a bright individual and it shows when he is speaking and how most of his utterances have words with more than one syllable. By being exposed to different things and being in various gifted programs Tanner 's rate of language development has been faster than most of his peers. Besides the two words that were mispronounced Tanner seems to be developing typically and at a faster rate than others.
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