The LGBT Counter Culture

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There are different people throughout the world who leans towards different things and interests. Some like different clothes, shoes, and even foods. Others happen to like the same gender, however this shouldn't stop the love and consideration that flows from one human to another. Before the rise of the LGBT community many homosexual individuals especially men were forced to hide their true feelings (Levy 4). The LGBT counter culture has impacted society by giving LGBT’s around the world a voice, pride, and rights while teaching the rest of the world acceptance.

Keeping silent of their true identities was the norm for LGBT individuals until Lord Alfred decided to speak up in the 1890’s. When Lord Alfred spoke up it was through his writings, …show more content…

Every year the LGBT community showcases what’s called a Pride parade/festival that is open to the LGBT community also their multiple supporters. Lesbians, gays, transgenders, bisexuals, and heterosexuals gather to show the new age they can be comfortable also confident with who they are. Hundreds of thousands of people witness, explore, and inform the new age of what acceptance appears to be. Sonja Isger exclaims “They believe the gay pride event broke an attendance record during the Sundays parade by 2,800 people” (Isger 4). The parade influences people to come out to express themselves without having to feel embarrassed, ashamed and scared. Another thing the pride parade has accomplished is for the LGBT community to get tested since they are the leading cause of HIV/AIDS. Isgar also made that clear by adding to her previous comment “Pride Fest continues to be a venue to promote health plus encourage testing for HIV/AIDS” (Isger 4). In schools starting to be everywhere students are creating an organization called the Gay Straight Alliance in Ross Formers interview with Elial Cruz the young sponsor explains "Our mission is to create a safe and supportive space for all members, LGBTQ and straight alike, in which we foster meaningful discussions and create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone's personal stories, perspectives, and ideas are valued," (Former 3). Starting young adults at a young age that are going through the tortures of bullying this organization keeps young adults secure in that environment. They feel as if every student should feel comfortable wherever they are. In the society the LGBT has shown everyone that equality wasn’t really there in the past. But coming now in the new ages most people are standing up for them and, demanding the equality that everyone deserves. Even though there are still bitter people out there

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