The Journey of Traveling and The Study Abroad

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Traveling and The Study Abroad Journey. Since I was kid, I love seeing the Airplanes take off and fly away. Every time I saw airplane on the air I start to wave and scream “BYE! BYE!” perhaps that what made my travel lover? However, biggest and longest adventure I had is study abroad. This journey started in 2009 until now. My journey begins in Canada, and then here in The United State of America. First of all, I want to write what happened before this journey started. Everything was so fast like flash, from the moment I decided to study abroad. From the zero point to Vancouver city just took one month. The story behind this flash moment I kind of did everything without asking my parents, just take my passport and the paper that I need to get school acceptance and Visa approval, and apply. Back home we have some offices that take care of everything you need to get your visa and school paper done. Couple weeks later I got all what I need and then I called a “family meeting” and surprised them by saying “I am going to Canada to complete my study there”. First impression was their eyes and jaws wide open and they reject the idea, it took me three days until I got their approval. If I did take their approval first it will take much longer and they may change their mind while I get everything done, so thank God! Secondly, Vancouver City, and what I loved about it and what I learned form being there. When I was reading about Canada and Vancouver city to be more precisely, all what I found is the most wonderful and the gorgeous city in the world, and as far what I remember is Vancouver won three time the most beautiful city in the world. Besides all of that what really got all my attention there is the 2010 winter Olympics, even I a... ... middle of paper ... ...s. Form the past three years I spent here in the US I learned how the American people so caring, cheerful, and very helpful. Lastly, traveling and studying abroad did change my life a lot, especially when you spend more than five years far away from your country and family, you adopt the culture and the environment you are in. I gain a lot of good habits and got rid of bad habits. I thing now from this life experience, I am more self-reliance, and able to face a lot of difficult things in life my more than if I did not go into this experience. In the way of conclusion, I would say traveling is real life lesson and an eye opening to a lot of thing you may not faced in your home city or country. I really will encourage everyone asking about my journey to try to go out and travel as much as they can I, even I will let my children to study abroad and learn from it.

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