My Personal Experience: Moving To The United States

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Life is full of experiences that have different effects on people. We as people have the chance to learn from our experiences. Although some experience can have negative effect on people, they can also have inspiriting results. My life changed when my parents decided to migrate to the United States of America for a better life. Having to leave ones native country at a young age and moving to a new country with a new language can have profound impact on people’s lives. As for myself, I have changed in several ways since I came to the United States. My level of responsibility in life has been changed. I was always unaware of the sacrifices that my parents have made in life. For starters, my attitude toward my parents were not favorable. For…show more content…
I was always a shy person who spent most of his time by himself because I was always had the impression of being ignored by others which is why I never I had the courage to speak in front of a crowd or even a small group. I also, couldn’t make friends easily. They were many reason why I couldn’t make friends. I had trust issues. I did not trust anyone, but leaving through this experience has helped me overcome my issues. When I came to the United States, I took speech class which has helped be overcome my shyness. Now, I have the courage to speak in front of a crowd with any fears of being disappointed or defeated by my fears. Moreover, I have the…show more content…
I was from a country where people don’t usually get along well with one another. Living in Tehran had made me become a very impolite person. I used to make fun of my peesr for various reason. For instance, if they made fun of me, then I would make fun of them .furthermore, I was a kind of a person who asked for trouble. I always got in trouble for starting fights. I use to fight a lot. This might seems violent, but where I came from it was sometimes necessary to defend yourself from others. In addition, I was an individual who never respected his elderly people. I was a type of student who would always talk back to his teachers if he was insulted in anyway. I never could control my emotion and anger. Furthermore, I was a student who always spoke out of his turn. I never even bothered to raise my hand when I wanted to express my thoughts. I also interrupted my peers from speaking by asking random and irrelevant question whitout realizing that they too have rights to speak. However, all this changed when I came to United States .This experience has opened my eyes to view the world in different ways that I never had the ability to see before. Nowadays, I never have the urge to push people’s buttons. The idea of hurting peoples feeling has been completely erase from my mind. I always do my best to stay out of trouble. I do not fight anymore because I learned to control my emotion and anger from interfering with my decision. I believe

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