Persuasive Essay: Why We Should Travel?

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Why We Should Travel Today many people have a very fixed view about others in different countries, and what the locals from those countries think about Americans. America was formed so people from other cultures could come and make a life for themselves, and so they could come and enjoy the traditions and ways of America. If people could stop and think about all the good things that other countries have to offer instead of all the bad that the media shows, they could learn to appreciate those countries better. People need to be more open minded about going to other countries because without travel there would be no way of learning about other cultures. The amount of people in America that cannot travel outside of the country is a big problem.…show more content…
Another reason could be because most Americans might be afraid of what might happen to them because of how the media depicts foreign countries. Media only shows the bad parts of other places, and hardly ever shows how beautiful and unique each culture is. If Americans could block out all the negativity and focus on how, although there are people in other countries who are not nice and inviting to outsiders, there are people who are willing to show Americans all the wonderful things their countries have to offer. Every country is different when it comes to their food and…show more content…
Ben Feinberg wrote What Students Don’t Learn Abroad about how students will go to other countries, but when they are asked “what they learned” (Feinberg 1) they answer by saying things like, “I became a risk-taker, or I can do anything I put my mind to” (Feinberg 1-2), but they do not share anything about what the other country was like, instead they talk about how the trip changed them, or taught them something about themselves that they did not already know. Like Feinberg’s “undergraduate” (Feinberg 1) most people go to foreign countries but do not take the time to stop and realize that the locals from places like Africa, Europe, and Asia are just like Americans in their own unique way. Although people look different than we do, that does not mean that they are any different than we are. Everyone, no matter where they come from, all have ways and traditions that are different but “similar” (Avon 4) at the same

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