The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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Immigration The issue on illegal immigrants has been facing America over so many years “What is illegal immigration? This is the migration of foreigners to a country who are not legally eligible to migrate or extend their stay for more than a given period yet they refuse to leave. According to the United States Department of Home Security, people involved in illegal immigration are those non US residents who either crossed the borders without inspection or people who are given visas to stay for a while but instead of leaving, they overstay.” There is no reliable count of illegal immigration. Of course, people coming into the United States illegally are trying to avoid detection. The best indicator available is the number of people arrested by the US Border Patrol, an imperfect metric because for example some people can be double-counted if they are arrested twice. There are some cons and some pros about deportation and I will be discussing them. Pros on deportation would be that the threat of terrorism and crimes will go down. Although not all immigrants are terrorists there are hundreds of cases that illegal immigrants come here to commit some type of crime. Another fact would be that illegal immigrants take away jobs from Americans. They say that more and more Americans are unemployed because of illegal immigrants reason why is because illegal immigrants work for less money and more hours. So that means that more Americans would be unemployed and more undocumented allies would be employed. Another pro to deportation would be that undocumented aliens add to the population. More people add to the crowded buses or trains also students that are grated scholarships are illegal immigrants and it’s not favorable for American c... ... middle of paper ... ...n my opinion I think that people should meet certain requirements if they want to stay in the US, for example look at their tenure in the United States, if they have paid taxes, if they have health insurance, no criminal backgrounds and other stuff that only benefits our country. Some people have been here for a long time and deserve to be treated right and give them an opportunity to grow and have a good peaceful life in the US. THE CRUDEST WAY of assessing the value of immigration is to look at the countries that have received large numbers of immigrants, and ponder whether this has done them much harm. The world 's dominant economy, and one of the richest, is the United States - a country populated almost entirely by immigrants and their descendants. The US population has more than doubled over the last century, yet the country has become wealthier and wealthier.

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