The Inventions Of Thomas Alva Edison By Thomas Edison

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Can you imagine what it would be like if there was no light bulbs? I do not think you can. You would have to light your house with candles and lanterns. You have me, Thomas Edison, to thank for this invention. I made some very important inventions in my lifetime, including the electric lightbulb and phonograph. These were two of my most famous inventions. I also made other inventions you may not know about. I had a few major inventions that everyone knew about and used. Even though I had some great inventions, they really were not all mine. I got credited for a few of Nikola Tesla’s inventions. Even though I will take credit for these inventions, I know that I didn’t make them. Now let me give you an overview of my life. I, Thomas Alva Edison, was born was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11th, 1847. I had seven siblings that were all older than him. My parents were busy people. My dad, Samuel, owned a lumber factory. My mom, Nancy, was a school teacher. I attended a school in Michigan, but I only went to school for no more than three months in his entire life. I was then home schooled by my mother. When I turned thirteen, I got my very first job as a newspaper boy. Since, I was a newspaper boy who worked by the railroad, I made my own lab that I could access from the railroad. I even saved a baby’s life after he almost got run over by a train. I opened my first ever real lab in Newark, New Jersey. I had over 300 workers working in this lab. After I opened this lab, I created a second lab. This second lab was in Menlo Park, New Jersey. This was probably the most important lab of my life because I created some of my most famous and most used inventions in this lab. Some of these inventions that I made here was th... ... middle of paper ... ...I made, but it was I who invented it first. I have a huge impact in the world today. Because of me, you have light bulbs that light up your home. Without light bulbs, we still could have had to use candles or lanterns like the people used before there were electric lightbulbs. I also impacted science in a huge way. Because of my inventions, people can improve on them to make them better. For example, when I made the phonograph, it was good, but people improved to make it way better and make it more useful. Same with the electric light bulb, it worked when I made this invention, but people have made it way better and more useful throughout history. My legacy of the lightbulb was very important because even though you probably don’t think of me when you flip the switch and turn the lights on, it was me that gave you the wonderful invention of the light bulb.
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