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The effects of electricity control much of our daily lives. Many of our gadgets and everyday tasks are run by this wonderful source of power. For example without electricity we would not be able to make a cup of coffee in the mourning, or even make a long distance call to family or friends. There have been several technological breakthroughs by many brilliant people throughout history regarding electricity. It has come from being discovered as a small current to being transformed into useful power to run such things as computers. Ben Franklin, Guglielmo Marconi, Thomas Edison, Paul Nipkow, and Charles Babbage have all contributed to the advancement of electricity, and all of their advancements have supplied society in many ways.

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant scientist who invented many useful things. Although throughout his experiments and inventions, he was curious about one special thing. "He was so curious in fact that his experiments toward electricity took up over four years of his life, and devoured over one half of his of profits of his printing business" (Fleming 4). After many trials and experiments, he discovered this power source while flying a kite during a lightning storm. "Through his loses he turned this new born curiosity into a full fledged branch of science." (Fleming 4) His findings led to many other scientists to test on this phenomenon and invent many practical and useful things that led to the expansion of human knowledge. Many of these inventions were used to better everyday human life. l

Thomas Edison was another intelligent scientist that used the findings of Ben Franklin to invent a contraption called the light bulb. At the time of Edison?s findings, there was only gas and cand...

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...othing like what are computers are today, it still started the ball rolling for the invention of many practical and useful computers today.

Each of these men have contributed to our society in their own special way . Each of their creative minds brought something into this world that has changed it forever. Without men like these brilliant scientist our world would never prosper and grow like it has.


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