Thomas Edison Contributions

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Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. Thomas Edison was one of most famous American inventor and businessman in nineteenth century. He invented many great and remarkable devices during that period. His most famous inventions such as the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and electric incandescent light bulb. Those inventions bring great influences around the world; also his inventions improve the society. During Thomas Edison’s entire life, he created more than 2000 inventions as well he acquired 1093 patents in the Untied States. Also Thomas Edison became a successful businessman. He manufactures his inventions and selling them to the markets. Thomas Edison’s father was Samuel Ogden Edison. Samuel Edison was lived…show more content…
Many of people came to see the showcase of the phonograph. In 1878, Thomas Edison starts expanding his inventions factory, and also builds a shopping store behind the laboratory. So he could sell his inventions to the public. Later Thomas Edison starts continuous to his other inventions. He starts to investigation how to create a light bulb that can stay longer time. Before Thomas Edison start making the light bulb, there have other inventor was working on it, but no one can let the light bulb work longer. Eventually, on October 21, 1879, Thomas Edison’s light bulbs can continuous work forty hours. Thomas Edison and his team try to use the incandescent light bulb in the laboratory and his home. In 1880, Thomas Edison believes the incandescent bulbs can able to produce and sell it to the public. Also he builds the Edison Electric Light Company to find way to use electricity to light the incandescent bulbs. In 1882, Thomas Edison uses his incandescent bulb in all the office building and houses on the Pearl Street. Many people came to the Pearl Street see the all of the building and houses is light with electricity. This became a great achievement in Thomas Edison’s life. Also Thomas Edison became a rich and famous people. Many of business and investors want to invest Thomas Edison’s…show more content…
It tells me very detail information about Thomas Edison’s life and his inventions. There was no video, sound recording, or any other links, but there are six photos including four different age’s Thomas Edison’s photo such as childhood, teenage, adult, and senior. One of the pictures is Menlo Park where the Thomas Edison first laboratory was located. Another picture is a drawing of incandescent light bulbs looks like. 3) I would prefer a video links and more picture of the Thomas Edison’s inventions. Also I found myself search for more information about the motion picture camera that Thomas Edison invented. I feel those inventions was very interesting because right now everywhere we have electricity light bulbs, sound recorder, and picture camera…etc. Our society getting better because of those inventors and their
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