The Internet as a Catalyst for Stylistic Diversification

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The Internet as a Catalyst for Stylistic Diversification

The Internet, rather than entailing an end to the cultural and historical diversity of style in composition, has increased the potential for diversity of style beyond any previous benchmark. The Internet, as a post-modernist construct, thrives on diversity, relativism, and the lack of any absolute. In this environment, while the possibility exists for styles of composition to be created that some would consider worthless, the endless possibilities serve exclusively the interests of diversity. Though the desire for efficient transfer of information has provided a contrast to the potential for diversity, but as a whole, the Internet has provided a venue for experimentation with new styles of language, writing, and visual/pictorial expression.

In order to make any sort of assertion about the relative diversity of styles proliferating on the Internet, or conversely, the lack thereof, it is first required that some definition of style be put forth and accepted as the foundation on which the argument will occur. Defining style as a quality that itself possesses the qualities of cultural and historical diversity, it in turn makes sense for the definition of style, as it will be used here, to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining a meaning that allows for significant exploration of the issue addressed above. To this end, style will be defined as some or all of the qualities of a composition that distinguishes it from other compositions crafted in a like medium (i.e., style distinguishes one piece of writing from another, one painting from another, etc.). This definition allows for a diversity of styles across cultures and throughout history, without limiting the scop...

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...eceive a disproportionate amount of Internet traffic due to the fact that they each offer a unique experience.

The Internet, far from entailing an end to cultural and historical diversity in style of composition, is one of the primary means by which style is diversified and spread in the modern world. The World Wide Web, as a patchwork of unique websites, offers an effectively unlimited array of styles in all conceivable forms of media. As long as the demand exists among the Web surfing population for non-standard websites and unique and unusual content, there is no way that any sort of assimilation in the interests of efficiency can occur to the majority of websites. If the opinion of the masses changes, it is conceivable that style would be slowly phased out, but as the Internet exists today, it is a force promoting diversity of style, rather than hindering it.
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