Advent Essays

  • The Advent of Penicillin

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    The Advent of Penicillin The advent of penicillin forever changed the world of medicine at its discovery with its ability to treat diseases, deadly at the time, that are now considered commonplace and easily treatable. Penicillin was one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, as antibiotics are one of the most highly prescribed drugs in the world today. Although its discovery is often described as serendipitous, the process by which it was cultivated was quite meticulous, and

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Fanfiction

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    It used to be the exclusive preserve of zines or mailing lists, but with the advent of the internet, fanfiction has become easy to find and easy to publish. The internet has essentially brought a show like Buffy to a point that it took Star Trek years to build up to. For example, if you were to type in the words 'Buffy' and 'Fanfiction' in the Google search engine, you would come up with about 77,000 hits. With the advent of internet access to fan-authored works, it has become much easier for fanfiction

  • Festivals as a Celebration of a Christian Event

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    festivals these are: Advent, Christmas, the Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday. Advent is the first and most important in the church’s year. Advent is a period of four weeks that some Christians use as a countdown to Christmas. Advent is really a time of preparing for the coming of Christ. To celebrate Advent we have Advent customs. One of these customs is the Advent Wreath and this is probably the most important custom. On the Advent Wreath there are

  • The Roman Family: Center of Roman Society

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    The Roman Family: Center of Roman Society The Roman family after the advent of Christianity has been widely discussed in Roman History. Different historians have looked at the topic in different ways. There are two articles at hand, which deal with this very topic. Brent Shaw, The family in Late Antiquity: The Experience of Augustine and Douglas O'Roark, Parenthood in Late Antiquity. Both historians are looking at the family in late antiquity, after the time that Christianity was introduced

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Acting Beeper

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    knowing that something was done, no matter how small, is enough to cool the desire to "get even." There are multitudes of ways to redress wrongs; however, in this paper I will just be talking of three ways satisfaction may be achieved. Due to the advent of caller id and caller return, phoning someone at all hours of the night is no longer an option. However, I knew that if I asked, a local company that leases beepers would give me the three digit prefixes for their little pagers.

  • Is Human Cloning Another Frankenstein?

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    creation of life by unnatural method is a question that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein addresses. Through the events that result from Victor's attempt to bestow life to the inanimate, Shelley concludes that it is inappropriate for man to play god. With the advent of the science of creation, cloning, scientists now face the same problem that Shelley raised years ago. The applications of such research are numerous, all varying in severity. In what way the users for cloning are developed and performed is of much

  • The Advent of Realism

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    In the late 19th Century, Realism became popular, by challenging many of the ideals and spiritual themes of Romantic painting. The late 19th Century was also a period of intense political instability in Europe and an epoch of major economic and social development in England. The movement grew in prominence, predominantly because of its opposition to the classical model of staid hypothetical modes of representation taught in the academies (Clark 2002, 134). The ideals of Romanticism had failed to

  • Communities

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    interactions and responsibilities of its members. In order to truly belong to a community people must follow a set of values. These communal values are needed to provide stability among communities in this ever changing world. In the past ten years, with the advent of the internet and many other forms of communication, communities have become less interactive and isolated. In this paper I will be discussing the purpose of communal values and why they should be protected. Having a sense of belonging within

  • Potential Impact of Blogs on Communication

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    The Potential Impact of Blogs on Communication The advent of weblogs as instruments of Web-based conversation shall surely increase the exchange of news-related and academic information; probably not to the extent that books or newspapers have, but certainly in an open and accessible way. Gradually as they gain in popularity, blogs shall transform the field of journalism from one of complacent reporting to a more competitive and less elitist industry. Motivated individuals, with the use of their

  • Telephone

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    Since its inception, the telephone has become one of the most important inventions of all time. Although some were skeptical about its replacement over telegrams, in the end the advent of this fine communication equipment has won the hearts of many. As a matter of fact, the telephone system had come to numerous facelifts that it literally connected the world before the internet was born. Because of its importance, homes and businesses can not live without it. In the U.S. alone, most if not all have

  • The Lutheran Hymnal

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    services. The Divine Service is from Lutheran tradition and is the same service that Lutherans practice today. There are also prayers, chants, psalms with music, and Luther's Small Catechism. There are hymns which span the entire year including: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Passion Week, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. There are also hymns for other times of service and year: Trinity, Morning, Evening, Beginning of Service, Close of Service, Holy Baptism, and The Lord's Supper. This was

  • Comparing A Plea for Gas Lamps and Jekyll and Hyde

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    A Plea for Gas Lamps and Jekyll and Hyde In "A Plea for Gas Lamps" Robert Louis Stevenson describes how, with the advent of urban gaslight, "a new age had begun for sociality and corporate pleasure seeking." Referring to the lamps as "domesticated stars," he describes the new lamplit city emerging gracefully as a festive public sphere in which "soft joys prevail" and "people are convoked to pleasure." Wolfgang Schivelbush connects such gaslit pleasure directly to commerce.

  • Pie Charts

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    However, according to McBride (2003), the pie chart could not be used to show a change in spending through out a period. A pie chart shows data at one instance, like a snapshot and cannot be used to show change in data over time (para. 4). With the advent of computers, 3D graphs have become somewhat popular, unfortunately a negative aspect is that they add complexity to the image and can distort visual proportional value. It is recommended to stick with flat “2D” charts (para. 6). Pie charts these

  • Demonic Possession

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    Demonic Possession Belief in the possibility of demonic possession has waned since the advent of sophisticated medical knowledge. What had previously been considered to be examples of control of an individual by a spirit or devil are now commonly accepted as numerous forms of mental illness, easily explained by nervous system activity. If all types of behavior (including emotional states and cognitive states) are produced and mediated solely by the brain, there leaves no potential for such a

  • Electronic Text

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    Electronic Text Many people will argue that history began with the advent of the written word. Before books, history was passed by word of mouth and was often lost or altered as it went from generation to generation down through the years. For many years now our civilization has enjoyed books, journals, newspapers, magazines, and many other types of writing. We use these literary tools to record our lives, to invent stories from the imagination so powerful that they make writers into millionaires

  • High School Curriculum

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    1990). Curriculum resembled a lawn sprinkler covering a lot of area yet having very little force. In the 1980’s a report called “A Nation At Risk” stated that American children had fallen behind in such subjects as math and science. Thus came the advent of education’s increased focus on literacy and numeracy, accountability and academic standards. These high standards, according to Dumas (2000), are the most significant trend in schools today. These new standards seem to be focusing more on both

  • The History of Writing

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    adaptation for species preservation. As long ago as 25,000-30,000 years BP, humans were painting pictures on cave walls. Whether these pictures were telling a "story" or represented some type of "spirit house" or ritual exercise is not known. The advent of a writing system, however, seems to coincide with the transition from hunter-gatherer societies to more permanent agrarian encampments when it became necessary to count ones property, whether it be parcels of land, animals or measures of grain

  • Hoboes and Tramps

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    1890’s, the term hobo may have come from the slogan for farmhand, “hoe-boy,” or the phrase for “good man,” “homo bonus,” or from simply yelling “Ho! Boy!” while on the road.[1] The most important aspect of the rise of hoboes and tramps was the advent of railroads and the ability to move to different parts of the country. After the Civil War, many veterans were out of work, restless, and displaced; thus, they set out to travel and find new means for a better life. Described as a “tramp army,”

  • Plagiarism

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    or borrowing someone else’s words. There are many reasons to be tempted into dishonesty. Perhaps one is unsure of his or her writing skill, or knowledge in the subject matter. Maybe there are pressures of time, or the need to get a good grade. The advent of th... ... middle of paper ... ...ndation of plagiarized works is not going to be of as great a service to the community in which he or she serves. Nor are the moral standards of such a person desirable in the workplace. I would never enlist

  • Computer Security in an Information Age

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    mistake or intentional alteration of a personal credit file could affect ones ability to buy a car or home, or can lead to legal actions against the affected person until the mistake or intentional alteration has been corrected. Therefore, with the advent of computers in the information age, and all of the intentional and unintentional violations against them, comes the need to safeguard them and the information they carry with strong systems and policies of computer security. Computer security is