Persuasive Essay On Internet Addiction

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In this generation, everyone, mostly young adults, are glued to technology. We see people walking around, looking at the ground as if they have a ball and chain dangling from their necks. We see people sitting on their chairs and looking at their computer screens long enough for their backs to hurt and their eyes water from the bright screen. People addicted to the Internet are those who pay attention to a virtual world more than their own lives. Internet addiction has corrupted people’s social lives, prevented their maturation, and induced negative behaviors. In “Internet Addiction,” Greg Beato expresses how the Internet has corrupted lives and should be added to the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Behaviors.” If we continue our…show more content…
People who are addictive tend to obsessively go on online and follow up one of their role models or to play videos to create different characters in the virtual world. One of the mains reasons of why people become addicted to the internet is so they can escape their realities. People, who usually had unfortunate childhoods, try their best to find a way to become distracted with their own life. If they are not happy with themselves, they play videos games to create characters online or they obsessively update themselves on others that they wish they could be. Another reason why people become obsessive because it is a way for them to meet others online that share the same interest. From personal experience, my father used to have an obsession playing “World of Warcraft.” If he had the choice to, he would not leave the house and would play until he had to go to sleep, rinse and repeat. In a military family, it was common for us to constantly move around and for my father it was difficult in finding friends. My father would mostly play the game to find others that had the same interests that would keep him company. If my father didn 't realize how badly the game had corrupted his lifestyle, the addiction may have became more…show more content…
In this case, this theory is true but this addiction could be even more destructive than an average drug addict if we do not try to lower this addiction rate. Our generation is suggesting that it is okay to focus more on video games than school work and that it is common if you spend hours on a computer chair that you will develop blood clots in your legs. The message that we demonstrate to the next generation will lead them to a non-social and dangerous habits. The Greg Beato clarifies that if we continue these behaviors we will “Become introverted philanderers by now, isolating ourselves in the virtual Snuggie of World of Warcraft by day and stepping out by night to destroy our marriages with our latest hook-ups”. Not only will the next era become more introverted, but they will lack certain behavior that we gain in our childhood. They will not fully grow up and won 't proceed the skills that obtain in our child development stages. The internet is dangerous because of how addictive it can be but if we are not careful the internet can leak out inappropriate images that the innocence can view. Another alarming aspect is if the APA does add this disorder to the DSM the consequences will become aggressive. Beato states that “People who suffer from Internet addiction disorder will receive protection under the Americans With Disabilities
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