The Indispensability of Computer Technology

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In recent years, America has accomplished astounding goals with the use of increasingly elite computer technology. We put Armstrong on the moon in July of 1969 (Zona, par. 3), and in 2004 we created a social networking site that became world-wide (“Facebook”, par. 1). There are those who suggest that America has become too dependent on technology, but these objectors have no alternative to offer. Indeed, what would it be? Even though it is true that a highly skilled hacker could conceivably cause the demise of our great country by delivering classified information to an enemy nation, state-of-the art computer technology is essential to our way of life and is here to stay. In 1941, the computer was first introduced (“Timeline of Computer History”, par. 3). Although relatively new, the computer has made a significant impact on America’s way of living. Whether it is being used for business, banking, paying bills, or doing school work, Americans would be lost without it. The people of this nation often trust the Internet too easily and do not hesitate to enter their information into a database. From personal experience, I know how dangerous entering information on the Internet can be. I was simply making a purchase around Christmas, and a few weeks later I noticed I had no money in my bank account. Frantic, I called United Bank and expressed my concern. I was told to come in to the bank as soon as possible. Once I arrived, my bank statement was printed off and showed purchases of over $500.00 that I did not make! I then had to go through my debit history to ensure no other fraudulent charges were made. After that, I had to visit my local police station and file a report. Luckily, my dad is Chief Deputy so I got the report filed ... ... middle of paper ... ...Enthusiasm for High Technology.” . November-December 1999. Web. 28 January 2012. “Schools.” Smith Aaron. “Americans and Their Cell Phones.” . 15 August 2011. Web. 28 January 2012. “Technology in Education.” . 1 September 2011. Web. 27 January 2012. ‘Timeline of Computer History.” Web. 29 January 2012. “Understanding Health Information Privacy.” . Web. 28 January 2012. Zona, Kathleen. “Glenn’s Historical Timeline.” . 2 May 2008. Web. 29 January 2012.

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