The Importance Of Cell Phones In The Modern Society?

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Cell phones in the modern society are a must have for people. These gadgets have consumed daily lives making it extremely difficult to live without them. Banking services to online shopping can all be done right in the palm of your hand. Yes, these devices are convenient, reliable, helpful, and they simplify life. But like everything in life, too much of anything is unhealthy. When abused, the major downsides of cell phones become transparent despite their far-reaching advantages. Mobile phone maturation brought convenience to the world. Communication between people is effortless and expeditious. However, the drawbacks brought along with fast-developed technology cannot be ignored. People aren’t the only ones influenced by these problems society is too. The evolution of Turkle talks about “‘One 15-year-old I interviewed at a summer camp talked about her reaction when she went out to dinner with her father and he took out his phone to add “facts” to their conversation. “Daddy,” she said, “stop Googling. I want to talk to you’” (Turkle, 2015). It’s saddening to hear how families can’t even eat a meal without reaching for their phone. What started off as something to enhance the quality of life, cell phones have become an epidemic in society, especially with teenagers and young adults. The problem does not lie within the cell phone. It is people who are obsessed about their device and cannot “live without it.” It is absolutely ridiculous to see people’s reactions when they lose their precious cell phone. Young teenager girls act like their entire life is ruined and there is nothing to live for without Instagram or Twitter. Adults will get angry, and some act like they lost their right arm! Do you see the problem? People like this are perfect examples of how their cell phones are a central to their whole being and play an integral

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