The Importance of the Human Resource Manager´s Role

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1.0 Introduction
Human Resource Management of business organization is responsible to various responsibilities to ensure the operations of the business are possible with adequate staff and necessary skills are in them. Playing the most important service for any business, human resource manager are responsible to the most important and challenging aspect that is employee employer relations. This aspect of human resource management gets recognition in the organization, among the employee, national government and international body. Employee employer relations are the most critical aspect of human resource management for a country in a bigger picture.
Various technical aspects mostly law, need to be well understood and practice by the human resource manager or industrial relation manager of a business organization.
All this is process and procedures was not built in a day, many years of labor relations have educated the world society on the improvement and necessary for having a stable and fair industrial relations.

“Companies and their workforces must offer that little bit extra to survive and win in the global economy. This is where good employment relations play a vital role. When employers, employees and trade unions or other employee representatives work together in a relationship of mutual trust the benefits are enormous”
Rita Donaghy,2001.

1.1 Definition of Employer Employee Relations
Employer employee relation or employment relations is the relationship between an employer and his employees, as individual or as a group (Maimunah,2009). Scholars have defined and given various name such as industrial relations (IR), labor rela...

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...ard internationally regards to the labor satisfaction and their problems and well suite in the agenda to be a developed country by 2020.

1.6 Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR)

Focusing to the industrial relations (IR), Ministry of Human resource is to encourage harmonious relationships between employers and employees with the nation’s productivity being the foremost interest. To facilitate in field of industrial relations (IR) four main departments and their functions are important to be addressed:
i) Department of Labor – Settle dispute between employers and employee over payment or non- payment, retrenchment and retirement benefits. Empowerment with the Employment Act 1955. ii) Department of Industrial
Relations - Help to settle disputes between employers and conciliation
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