The Bible: The Story Of The Bible

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Every Christians today knows the story of Jesus birth. The story of how Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a censes declared by the Roman Empire. While not being able to find an inn to stay in and Mary getting ready to give birth, they stow away in the cave where the animals were kept. While there Mary gave birth to a son and called him Jesus. While Jesus was in a manger a heavenly host of angles came down and also Shepard’s from the field came and rejoiced the savior was born. This is where the typical nativity scene comes from. Unless you have a Doctorate and teach a History of the New testament class and go into fine detail about the story, then story this is what people hear. Well this is for History of the New Testament so the fine details are what we are looking for. Most people do not realize that the story they tell every Christmas is actually a combination of two stories. The birth story is told in the Gospels of Luke and the Gospels of Mathew but each tell a very different version of what actually happened and that is what leads to people questioning the accuracy of the bible today. When it comes to writing historical text,…show more content…
The book focuses on authority, where the birth narrative of Jesus is more focused around Joseph and the baby Jesus. In Matthew, an angel of the Lord visits Joseph and explains to him that a child will be given to his virgin wife and he will be his child. However, in Luke, the Gospel has a greater focus on Mary. Although the Gospel does not point to a feminine audience, it does focus its birth narrative on Mary and the angel not only visiting Joseph, but Mary as well. Where Matthew directs its audience in an authoritative direction, Luke was written towards a passionate audience. By passionate, the authors did not mean a lovey dovey type of direction, but more of a compassionate, emotional, and heart based