Moses And The Ten Commandments In The Bible

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Throughout the Bible many different men have been essential in fulfilling God’s will. One of the main men that had an extremely important part throughout the history of the Bible is Moses. Moses has a very interesting life in my opinion, he is known as one of the most important prophets not only in the Christian religion but also many other religions. The life of Moses’s is full of accomplishments with the help of God, but also struggles along the way. Starting from the very beginning of Moses’s life, he was born in Egypt when the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrew people. During this time the Pharaoh had ordered that all new male Hebrew children to be drowned in the Nile River. Moses’s mother could not bring herself to do this to her newborn…show more content…
For instance a huge thing that is still important throughout today’s society is the Ten Commandments. For me, I still believe the importance of following and living by the Ten Commandments in your daily life. Have no other Gods, Have no idols, Honor God’s name, Honor the Sabbath day, Honor your parents, Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not lie, and do not covet; are the Ten Commandments told to us many years ago and the same ones we hear today. Though I am not sure all of the Ten Commandments still hold much power or force in society today, some of these commandments have even become laws today that we…show more content…
During the month of “Nissan”, or the month in which Passover is to occur, on the tenth day each person must take a lamb from his or her home. They have to keep it until the fourteenth of that month and then must eat it in a hurry because it is the Passover Sacrifice. Then once they do that they must eat bread for seven days than on the next day they have to clear out yeast from their houses. Although today religions don’t exactly practice it in this way. For instance, Christians we experience Passover every spring, where we are essentially suppose to pray and fast for forty days. In conclusion, I am intrigued by Moses story and accomplishments he had made throughout his lifetime. The fact that some of his accomplishments still today hold some sort of importance is amazing. Moses remains one of the most well known men throughout the Bible, and whose story is still told today. The life of Moses’s is full of accomplishments with the help of God, but also struggles along the

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