The Importance of Self-Esteem in Child Development

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How important is good self-esteem in the development of children: extremely important!! Having good self-esteem is a key component in the healthy development of children and adolescents (Nuttall, 1991). A person with high self-esteem feels like they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, whereas a person with low self-esteem feels that they are unimportant and nothing they do will make a difference (Nuttall, 1991). How a person feels about themselves affects how they will act, this is true in adults and adolescents as well as small children (Nuttall, 1991) There are a myriad of influences that can make a difference in the self-esteem of children today: parents, teachers, friends, and society in general all have an effect on a child’s development (Bukatko, 2008). Those closest to children have the largest influence on their self-esteem; this is why it is very important that parents, teachers, friends and other family members are a positive driving force in how a child feels about themselves (Nuttall, 1991). Psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner developed his own theory on child development called the “ecological systems theory (Oswalt, 2008). This theory states that there are four different systems of a child’s environment that effect their development (Oswalt, 2008). The first of these systems is the microsystem, this is the smallest system and is made up of the child’s immediate environment and how they interact with those in their environment (e.g. their relationship with their parents) (Oswalt, 2008). The second level is the mesosystem, this system explains how the different parts of the microsystem work together for the good of the child (e.g. parents supporting a child’s extracurricular activities) thus enh... ... middle of paper ... ...pdf Bukatko, D (2008). Child and adolescent psychology: A chronological approach. Mason, OH Cengage Learning Cripps, K., Zyromski, B. (2009). Adolescents’ psychological well-being and perceived parental involvement: Implications for parental involvement in middle schools. Research in Middle Level Education Online, 33(4), Retrieved August 6, 2010, from Kaplan Library database. Cluff, D. (No Date) Emotional development and the self esteem in children Retrieved from in-Children.html Nuttall, P. (1991). Self-esteem and children. Family day care facts series Retrieved from Oswalt, A. (2008). Urie bronfenbrenner and child development Retrieved from

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