The Importance of Books

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Books are still important and whether in school or at work, people are relying on books to be informed and get knowledge, however, internet continues to expand and the number of internet user is growing rapidly. People are getting quick information from internet than books and with this rapid growing of internet users, how one could make sure information that is on website is accurate? It is important for users to make sure information that comes from internet is accurate otherwise it would mislead people. It is true anyone can put information on website, however not all websites should be used especially when one is conducting school research wok or any work that would be used by the public. Issues with accuracy of information on website led schools to have a guideline for students about what website to use when conducting a research. For example Ashford University requires students to use Ashford online library when conducting a research or final paper. In this paper, the author would also focus on accuracy of online website and steps that needed to follow when one is writing paper. This paper would focus on analyzing the blog, the video and podcast that would be used to help readers understand some of social problems that the world is facing in this modern time. This paper would also analyze factors that need to be considered when reviewing internet sources for use in studying accuracy of online information. Information on the internet is always looked at as not accurate, however some important books have electronic version to help readers get quick access to information. Famine has always be topic that menaces society in the past and continues to affect this current generation even with all efforts that some countr... ... middle of paper ... ...he writing skills and the people that frequently use the website is also important. All these qualities are identified with websites and authors that would use to support famine final paper. There are different types of websites and when using internet to support a paper it is important to check the authenticity of the website and the background of the authors. The use of internet is increasing rapidly from educational, governmental, personal and commercial websites. The plurality of websites led to inaccuracy of some that do not provide accurate information for users, however if users checked the website accuracy, some errors could have been avoided. Researchers must conduct evaluation for accurate research by checking the background of the authors and the topic, the authenticity of the website, the purpose of the website and who the expected users are.

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