Famine and Malnutrition

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I. Background of the issue.

A. Main elements of the problem and history of the issue.
Famine and malnutrition is a problem that is plaguing almost everyone, everywhere. Almost every country is involved and is suffering. Some countries and nations ridden with famine would include Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Latin America. The causes of famine and malnutrition come from many varying sources. There isn’t one country that is the same as another. The root of the problem vary from natural disasters, poverty, lack of water, to corrupt governments.

B. Actions Previously Taken
The World Food Program has been extending funds and food donations in enormous amounts to countries that are in dire need of help. They’ve concluded that there are 842 million people who suffer from famine and malnutrition every day. The nations are coming together to solve malnutrition and famine by investing in good nutrition and productivity, which eventually creates economic opportunities for these countries that suffer from famine. The World Food Program has started the process o...

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