The Importance Of The Modern Church Today

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The best form of description on what the Church today should look like is in the New Testament. The Church is the defender of the truth. Just like the New Testament is warned against false teachings; we are urged to be aware of the lies around us. Believers must both individually and as a unite must seek Christ on any matters involving the truth (Hayes, 3). John told the believers to test the spirits to know how to recognize the Spirit of God. In 1 John 4:2-3 John tells us that “Every spirit recognizes that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God…” With our culture, today and the things that have been going on, it is important for our Church to know the truth of God from the lies of man. The Church oversees handling the Word of God correctly…show more content…
Os Guinness says “The dissolution of faith’s authority and the disappearance of any positive force for truth and godliness turn into high-density, negative, and devouring force for evil” ( Hayes, 99). This is a reason why our Modern Church needs to specifically preach and teach the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit to go to work in unison with the Word. Instead of conforming to the world we live in and the culture surrounding us, the Modern Church needs to conform to Jesus Christ as the foundation. The Modern Church follows the New Testament Church in a way of having leadership in the Church. If we look at the word pastor it comes from the Latin meaning “one who cares for sheep” (Hayes,142). In John 21: 15-17 Jesus says to feed his lambs and to take care of His sheep. Peter later wrote to the elders to “Be the shepherds of God’s flock” (1 Peter 5:2). In the Church the pastors or overseers must be the ones to look out for the believers that have fellowshipped together to be taught more about Christ. Reading throughout the New Testament about the Church, its roles, and its leaders, it describes well what our Modern Church objective…show more content…
The kingdom dwells in the church, but also dwells in the church (Bloesch, 70). “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…” (Matthew 6:33). Jesus tells us to seek His kingdom and to repent for the kingdom is near (Matthew 4:17). But what did Jesus mean by a kingdom? There are many different views on the meaning of kingdom. The Greek word for kingdom, that was used in the New Testament is basileia. The meaning of this word was used to describe the divine, satanic, and earthly kingdoms. The word kingdoms are defined by the meaning of its context (Hayes, 240). In the Gospels, the phrases “kingdom of God” and “kingdom of heaven” are leaning towards the same meaning. Scriptures in the Bible tell us, when we put our faith in Christ we will be able to be a part of Christ’s kingdom on earth. The parables about the kingdom “reveal that an entire [church age] would intervene between Israel’s rejection of the king and her acceptance of him” (Hayes, 240). God’s kingdom ruled over Israel in the Old Testament, is presently ruling over the church, and will rule over Christ’s reign in the end of the age. With a different perspective on the kingdom’s meaning, the Roman Church viewed itself as the kingdom. Throughout history, the abuse of power of the Roman Church brought arrogance and the failure of God’s mission of the Church (Hayes, 241). The Churches mission is not to think of itself as the kingdom on
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