Similarities Between ACA And Denominational Codes

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Our character is shaped by our communities and their stories (Trull & Carter, 2004, p. 60). In addition, as Christians, our communities and Church history shape our heritage, culture, and mindset. The more we relate to God’s stories, we become a part of the Christian community, and begin to understand, and have the ability to interpret the gospel (Trull & Carter, 2004, p.61). Depending on where one grew up, most likely determined their denomination. Many Christians are Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, or Pentecostal to name a few. Furthermore, Depending on the denomination of the Church dictates the Church’s Denominational codes. Denominational codes are a formal code of ethics for ministers (Trull & Carter, 2004, p. 199). The mission of …show more content…

The first similarity that I noticed between the ACA and the Denominational Codes is Sexual Misconduct. The ACA code A.5.a. (“2014 ACA Code of Ethics”, p. 5) presents strict guidelines in reference to counselors not having any sexual relationships with their clients. The Denominational Code enforces no sex with anyone besides your spouse. The Unitarian Universalists does not agree with this philosophy, and they do not require celibacy of unmarried clergy. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 explains, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you knows how to control his own body in holiness and honor.” God expects us to keep ourselves …show more content…

First, ACA code D. 1. a. (“2014 ACA Code of Ethics”, p. 10) Different Approaches states that “counselors are respectful of approaches that are grounded in theory and/or have an empirical or scientific foundation but may differ from their own.” The Denomination code states that it is invested in the community as a prophetic witness, working to solve issues that impact others. As Ministers, when we counsel and minister to individuals, we ground our theory on biblical principles, and we focus on how to implement scripture into the individual’s life to better improve it. Another difference is ACA code E. 5. a. (“2014 ACA Code of Ethics”, p. 11) Diagnosis of Mental Disorders, this code addresses “diagnosing by assessment techniques (including personal interviews) used to determine client care.” One major difference, in Denominational code is when we have a relationship with the Lord we believe in deliverance services. Intercessors and Prayer Warriors instead of accepting a diagnosis by a licensed professional, those of us who have crazy belief, believe anyone can be delivered from anything because our spiritual belief is that mental disorders are linked to spirits. For example, Mark 9:25 the demon possessed boy. Jesus delivered him from the dumb and mute spirit. Many Christians have a supernatural belief that many mental conditions are spirits, and that they can be cast

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that our character is shaped by our communities and their stories. the church's denominational codes are a formal code of ethics for ministers.
  • Explains the similarities between the aca and denominational codes, such as sexual misconduct. the unitarian universalists do not agree with this philosophy.
  • Compares confidentiality, aca code b, and professional competence, which states that counselors should only work in areas of expertise that they are qualified for.
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