The Importance Of Technology

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Technology, one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever constructed ever since the spark of the fire in the Stone Age. Since we have evolved technology, it has reached into another dimension by evolving simple gadgets such as phones into much more complex ones. This evolution of technology has prohibited us from truly being tangible with our outside environment. Additionally, I am an advocate of social interaction with others and this interaction is solely needed to make us human. I grew up playing outside every day, interacting with my outside surroundings and learning that everything interconnects with everything in this world. As growing up I have often questioned, what technology will do in 10 years? Or how it will distract us from…show more content…
The outside world is a highly tangible environment and we should interact with it so we can grow both intellectually and spiritually. Instead of immersing ourselves in virtual social interaction such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others. We should put these down, walk outside, and communicate. I am proposing this highly controversial topic because it really is an issue that needs to be brought to attention. Just ask yourselves, do you walk outside and take out your phone? If the answer is yes then just imagine if you put the phone down just for one second what the difference would be. This will show you the importance of interacting with the world and how crucial it is to communicate with others. Technology is omnipresent, it has a very integral part in our lives, and it is highly quantitative. Technology tends to expand exponentially and with this exponential growth our interaction is becoming less and less. Not only our individual behavior changes when we use any kind of technology, but the broader picture is that it has a direct effect on the sociological perspective of it also. Technology has a bigger impact when