The Importance Of Team Leadership And Self-Managed Teams

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Team Leadership & Self-Managed Teams The explanation of team leadership states the standards and ideas displayed by a leader. Leading a particular group or team of people who are all working towards the same goal or objective and being able to achieve it. A group of individuals would not be able to work and sync with each other as a team without the proper guidance of a team leader. “In this regard, leadership is a function more than a role, and can refer to both the process of leading and to those entities that do the leading” (Fabe). In team leadership being the leader means the highest order of command because they will be the one responsible to authorize and organize everything starting from common goals, team relationship, and the…show more content…
As a Leader they have to be responsible for everything that surrounds a team in a mission to achieve the same common goal and for this they have to have various skills. Some of the skills that a leader need is as follow “The skills of an excellent team leader include a strong leadership ability, the ability to develop people, excellent communication skills, good interpersonal skills, the ability to handle stress, good problem-solving skills, and time management skills. Strong leadership ability means inspiring the people assigned to the tasks, and requires the involvement and empowerment of the whole team” (Fabe). Is also very important that a Team leader displays a counseling leadership style in order to better provide guidance to their team. In team leadership a leader has to always be a good communicator so they can effectively exchange any type of information in regard to the…show more content…
Some leaders have to develop major skills like “time management, prioritization, strategic thinking, decision-making, and getting up to speed with the job—to be more effective at work” (Mitchell). For many leaders developing this skill is very hard and will face many obstacles. A leader has to also have the skill and talent to be able to inspire others which is never an easy thing to do especially when the have to inspire others and guarantee they are happy with what they are doing and in the process motivated them to work smarter. In team leadership a leader has to be able to take the task of helping other and give them guidance around the
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