Personal Reflection Of Self Management Skills In Self-Management

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Self-Management Skills: Displays confidence and remains in control when handling difficult or unfamiliar situations. Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility when handling change and proves able to work autonomously and efficiently. Adapts to change and accepts new assignments; Rebounds quickly from setbacks.

I am very disciplined when it comes to self-managing my responsibilities, both with very little or no direction. . I had no problem meeting the goals that I set for myself, neither the goals given to me. I took control of task from start all the way to the end, without dropping the ball because of incompetence. My ability to create and maintain my work schedule was both creative and efficient.

Teamwork: Demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain effective relationships both internally and externally. Willing to cooperate and be flexible when working with co-workers and management to complete a job, while always treating them with dignity and respect. Recognizes and respects differing opinions, approached differences with others in a respectful way; Acts with the team’s best interests in mind.

I am enthusiastic, energetic and always display positive behavior. I am very cordial and willing
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I am not afraid to take on small management opportunities because I am a solutionist by nature. I have the attitude of "making it happen", but I do realize that all goals will require coordinated support from the functional areas of the company. Therefore, I am undertake cross functional process management strategies to learn what other departments do on a daily basis to be able to implement sound solutions.

Leadership skills: Is capable of thinking strategically. Can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately. Puts the team before the individual’s welfare. Coaches and develops employees. Is confident with his/her decision making and vision. Leads by

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