The Importance Of Success In Life

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Introduction section
I have always said if you keep doing the same things in life you will get the same results. It is good to try new things to encourage self-growth and perhaps inspire others to do the same. Being successful at anything in life takes the right amount of discipline and determination. Everyone has their own secret recipe to achieve success. Steps of courage, heaps of faith, a tremendous amount of discipline and a lot of love and support from loved ones. Review your past behaviors and habits and how you achieved previous goals. Take another look at what the experts say about applying the right habits to becoming successful. Then prepare yourself to make some sacrifices to accomplish your goal and demolish your fears.
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Of course, my friends and family are my support system and will encourage me to keep those boundaries in place. “Set aside non-negotiable time to enjoy each other’s company and make the commitment not to let your work interfere.” (Grad Resources, 2013). I will have to resist to take on more projects or responsibilities for the sake of being kind. I will have to be a little selfish, so I can achieve my goals. So really the new concept is applying my old concept.
My fears
I fear feeling guilty when I have to decline an offers of fun with friends and family. I fear feeling guilty to an opportunity to serve in a new capacity at the church. Although I know they will understand and support me. It concerns me that I may let someone down or make them feel unimportant. That is an area I will have to pray for strength to say “no” without guilt.
This new chapter in my life becoming a graduate of the graduate program from MNU is a welcome challenge. Time and money well spent to achieve my academic goals, so I can achieve my professional and personal objectives. I know I will have to make some sacrifices to be successful, but during this process I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and implement habits for their
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